Civvies wearing military rank

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AT55, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. I saw an ambulance chief on the TV the other night and he was wearing Field Marshall's ranks on his shoulders. On the same programme was a ambulance para-medic who was wearing crowns on her shoulders. Do they really need to wear such rank badges? I note that non seem to be corporals or sergeants.

    A couple of years ago I reas an article about two adjacent ambulance services in the Midlands. One was the worst performing in the country and the other was the best. The best performing ones wore plain green uniforms with no badges of rank displayed whilst the worst performing ones had lots of gold braid and officers rank badges.
  2. It doesn't really matter if they all turn up looking like Idi Amin - does it?
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  3. I saw an old bird once wearing a great big crown on the top of her ******* 'ead.
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  4. Did she get preferential treatment from long-haul carriers?
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  5. I suggest you watch your six from now on: I know she's been off with the shits for a couple of days, but she'll knack you eventually. Just don't go for any midnight drives in Paris, is all I'm saying.
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  6. Some NHS Trusts use the pips to indicate senior medics, the police use sergeant chevrons. pips, crowns and i believe field marshall insignia to indicate rank.

    Template:UK police rank insignia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Not being in the military i don't see the issue so much as they are a uniformed service, not uniformed in the same manner as the armed forces but uniformed all the same, now if it was joe bloggs or pop diva wearing them as a fashion statement (Michael Jackson et all) then I'd take serious issue with it.
  7. It's not military rank though, is it? It's their own service specific rank that just happens to use same insignia. Captain paramedic means **** all to me as far as I am concerned.
  8. I bet she even had a man wave a flag the cheeky mare.
  9. When I was a grade IV officer in St John's I had two pips (oh yes) but I doubt anybody mistook me for a rupert, I was too competent for that error to creep in.

    Seriously though the army rank system is visually quick to learn and spot in a hurry, which is probably why most hierachical services use it or a variant thereof. What would you suggest to replace it?
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  10. That Florence Nightingale had a cheek too the original SCH. Next there'll be staff nurses the rank stealing creatures.
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  11. They can wear whatever they like. Its their uniform and the badge is merely there to represent a position or role within their organisation.

    Why get uptight about fashion? They have as much right to wear it as you have to object. Nobody owns the things.
  12. those stars they give out at McDonalds look like a good idea.
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  13. Its not like the military have copyright

  14. A sort of headband ala John MacEnroe with a kind of plastic flower in it. The more you have the higher your rank until you end up with a Field Marshal that looks like he/she is wearing a 1940's bathing cap perhaps?
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  15. I'm going to make myself a great big crown out of tin foil, sea salt and sticky backed plastic.