Civvies in uniform!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by im_a_mong_cpl, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. Is the army turning into the RAF or what? How do guys come straight from civvie street into the army and get promoted to Full Screw without doing any sort of cadre or Jnr Managers course or CLM package for over a year?

    I agree that for retention purposes certain trades should be given a financial incentive, but to let some of these abominations in charge of private soldiers is scary.

    If these guys go to Iraq, Private soldiers will be looking up to these guys for support and advice, even tho the Screw only has the same basic soldiering knowledge taught in basic trg as the Private!

    Am i the onlyone that thinks this is wrong and totally irresponsible?
  2. Don't NCO's fulfill the role of interface between those newly commissioned and the other ranks?
  3. You're right but i'm not quite seeing the relevance with the point i was making?!
  4. Indeed. I am one of those abominations! Yes, they had to give us some form of financial incentive (which still didn't match up) & no, i didn't get a JMQC till i had been in for 18mnths.

    mong, you obviously have an opinion on this. . . .what would you suggest they do with us?
  5. Yes sorry about that. I was fixated by the thought of them being in Iraq and having to make life-taking decisions. You're right about the lack of management training etc. We suffer this in Higher Education where we have Curriculum Managers with no people skills let alone mgt. skills being promoted because they need the higher salary for mortgages etc. Lack of joined up thinking by higher management and HR Depts. Your issue is more serious because lives are at risk.
  6. What the feck are you talking about?

    Stop waffling sh!te & either add soemthing to the thread, or shut the feck up!
  7. What Corps are we talking here? Signals, RMP, REME, INT?
  8. I agree it's a tricky situation! As far as i'm concerned people shouldn't be given rank if they don't know how to conduct themselves accordingly or essentially they have no trg in managing people.

    Also, nurses who do their trg within the army spend 3 years doing their trg and don't do anything military and that is used as an excuse for not putting them on their juniors cadre straight away. Soldier first and all that, nurses should do continuous military trg while at uni. ITD's must be done annually!

    As far as people who join straight up are concerned, some sort of financial incentive without the rank at first should be in place. like i said previously it's quite scary to think that these people will be in charge of others in potentially hostile situations.

    I'm not saying that these people will be in charge of infantry toms but if an infanty tom in an operational theatre will look up to the rank for advice not the person!
  9. The corps you mention all have to do JNCO courses to get the rank even if it is quite early on in their mil career.

    I'm mainly talking about the AMS and that's not just nurses! Dental do it also.
  10. Well, I'm a techie medic. I brought 8years post qual experience with me to the army & they have exploited that (I actually don't blame them for that, it's sound business sense). I have been dong my job for longer than some of the SSgt's, but I didn't have the military skills behind me. In Iraq, I will be doing that job, not tabbing through jungles, not setting ambuses, but doing the job I am trained and qualified to do.
  11. In the AMS, we are all ACPL's till we have passed our JMQC & they do keep us very sheltered until this promotion course is complete.
  12. I have no doubt that you will be doing you're job and i'm sure you do it very well (mops up the creamy white dribble!). However everyone with 2 tapes on their chest is looked at the same by the toms, especially those with little to no experience in the green army. There will be people looking to nurses, techs, dental techs, etc etc for advice and basic management skills, but what are they going to recieve?
  13. advice and basic management skills! just cause you haven't been in the army for 10 years, doesn't mean you have no common sense. Most of the long term Cpl's I've met cuff it anyway. There is alot to be said for initiative.

    ACpl, straight from uni V 10yrs served thick as mince? No contest really.
  14. So you dont think someone who has done the equivelent of an Armourers course(time wise, before anyone starts) is not entitled to a rank and pay structure to match their training? When, and I'm being serious here, do you ever envisage a full screw dental nurse needing to give fire control orders in a battle situation?

    I'd rather they were fully trained in their field and able to administer my treatment than fcuking worry about wether or not they can quote 6 section battle drills to me!
  15. Excellently put, very eloquent too. (me & you could be friends :wink: )