Civvies in army fancy dress

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by _Dirk_Diggler_, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Was out on the lash last night and not for the first time witnessed a group of 20 or more blokes and 7 or 8 birds in 'army fancy dress'. Now a fit bird in little green hot pants and a bandana is absolutely fine with me, and I'll even put up with a bloke dressed up in a over the top Rambo style get-up complete with fake 7.62. But there were 5 or 6 blokes dressed in full dessies complete with CBA. Blatently attention seeking and thinking their mega, it absolutley made by blood boil. Has anyone else experienced something similar and was I being hot headed in wanting to brief the cnuts up with something hard and heavy?
  2. Think how much their blood boils every time they see squaddies out on the p!ss dressed as civvies!
  3. used to get hot and bothered by this, now don't really care - I doubt the ladies of the night or clergy worry when they see squaddies off to a vicar and tarts party
  4. Frankly I'd like to think I make a more convincing civvie than their shoddy attempt at a soldier.
  5. Oh, get over it! Do Police Officers get all upset if someone wears a Police Style uniform for fancy dress? Or Pirates? No, they don't.

    Why can't some folk just get over the idea that we, as soldiers, are so special and above all others. This 'outrage' at everyone who dares to not love us and worship us, at those who dare to wear clothes similar to ours is really pathetic.

    We are just a people doing a job. Yes, sometimes it is dangerous, but usually not. And we get relatively well paid for it. And it is secure.

    Stop fukcing whinging all the time! It's pathetic.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Remember the 'fashion' item of the mid 80's?
    NBC Tops!Mate of mine made a few quid flogging lifed ones.
  7. over the top fancy dress one thing
    air softing in the privacy of your own wood as long as you keep the photos and vidoes to your mates.

    otherwise feck off
  8. Maybe, but I like to think that I've earned the right to wear our uniform and if others want that priveledge they should earn the right also.

  9. It wasnt so long ago, that the trendy dress style was a Guards tunic, or even greatcoat.
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. Sure, army style uniform or Johnny Rambo type thing fill your boots but wearing current issued 95 dessies and dessie CBA? Surely thats akin to walting?
  12. If it gets you nuts wet.
  13. I've probably irritated a few Romans and a mutant ninja turtle in that case.
  14. Ah ... so it's walting now is it? Thought they were just a group of people out for some fun in fancy dress :roll:

    Really mate ... learn to chill ... in my time in I have been to parties dressed as Adolf Hitler (that was in Berlin so was probably not well thought out ... although the police kindly returned me to Smuts later on in the evening), Gengis Khan, a penguin, a pirate, a viking, a U boat commander, various tarts (I quite liked dressing like that) and a shed load of other stuff. I wasn't walting ... I was having a good time on the p!ss. Like these people probably were.

    You've earned the right to wear the uniform ... well done. They've earned the right to buy the stuff on flea-bay and have a social life.
  15. I am not worried by this its the commie anarchist crusty scum that will have kit on in protests that annoys me.