Civvies carrying weapons!?!?!??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tom_Thumb, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Richard and Brewdy was just on and (ashamed to say) I was watching them.

    They were talking about civilians carrying weapons etc, following that man getting off the tube.

    Any links will be appreciated.

    Your views on this are more than welcome.

    Me personally I don't agree with the weapon carrying thing. Don't want another America!

  2. You'll need to give us a bit more detail here, before any debate kicks off on the wrong foot possibly.
  3. ok....
    Can't fnd a link but....
    A man was stabbed and killed while giving up everything he had to some theives while getting off the tube. Everything he had, had been given up before he was killed. Rich and Jude were debating whether or not that day-to-day carrying of weapons should be made legal. Should it??
  4. carrying weapons for self defence??

    depends on are they considered sensible enough and are of good standing within thier community,
    what is the weapon and have they been trained properly in its use.

    personaly as a pub manager I want the right to carry a tazer.
  5. It would just be terrible to have the reductions in violent crime that America has experienced over the last 15 years which just happen to coincide with the large increases in the number of states allowing concealed carry, wouldn't it?

    And concealed carry permits have such tiny of abuse, that from start-up 10/1/87 - 2/28/94 (over 6 years) Florida issued 204,108 permits; only 17 (0.008%) were revoked because permittees later committed crimes (not necessarily violent) in which guns were present (not necessarily used).

    Also, CCW permit holders in Texas commit crimes at a significantly lower rate than the population as a whole:

    CCW Holders General Population (per 100,000)

    Rape 6.5 42
    Burglary/Theft/Larceny 22.5 4706
    Assault 57.4 421
    Murder 2.5 6.8

    Now, we wouldn't want anything like that in the UK, would we?
  6. Aye.

    If everybody could carry weapons and have legal backing to defend themselves, then I would believe that this country would be a safer place.
  7. For those in the dark :-

    stabbing story

    I believe that if we are all armed then this type of crime will only increase, leave the carrying of firearms/knives etc to the police and armed forces.
  8. What sort of weapon are we talking about here? Knife, gun, baseball bat, tazar, pepper spray? Personally I think if some scrote tries to rob you at gun point then a knife is of very little use, isn't it?
  9. That's funny because the facts contradict what you're saying.

    We reduced weapons in this country - our crime increases.

    Countries that increase ownership of weapons - crime reduces.

    It's a stastically proven fact.

    "Leave the carrying of firearms/knives to the police"? I suppose they're going to be there at 3 in the morning when some arsewipe tries to break into your house? Or I suppose supercop is going to swoop from the shadows and protect you when you're being mugged in a trainstation?

    Thought not.
  10. But that goes against all evidence from countries that permit this -- at worst it results in no difference, at best it results in very large improvements in public safety and reductions in violent crime.
  11. It's very lonely here. No burglars ever come to visit me.
  12. There is a big difference between public safety and perscieved(sp) public safety.
  13. If you do happen to get into a situation where you use anything as a weapon to defend yourself, make sure you always justify your actions and you will walk away without fear off being prosecuted by the W@"**R who attacks you. It sounds silly but people have been charged in such instances of defending themselves.
  14. Yes you're right.

    At the moment, we have a persieved level of public safety. We all think we're safe, the government and police tell us we're safe, but the reality is we are not.

    With legally owned weapons (be it knives, pepper spray or a good old firearm) that would be real public safety.

    If you walk down the streets of any major city in this country, you may feel safe (percieved safety) but you are not. To think that you're safe is ignorance.

    Stay alert, stay safe. The second you let your guard down is when you become another body in a bag. *THAT* is what this country has come to - people being murdererd for a couple of quid.

    Would some coonboy homey feel happy about trying to mug me if I whip out Mr Smith and Wesson (model 29 in .44 magnum no less!)?
  15. The problem is if your own weapon is turned against you, and if a burglar broke into my house I proberly would shoot him and blame the cat, oh yes those air rifles very delicate triggars. My boss said said he keeps a putter after he was broken into, then he can lie to the police and they will belive you more. They wont belive you if you say oh yes I shot this burglar with my illegal pump action shot gun.

    I do think that if someone breaks into your house or attacks you, you do what ever the hell you like to them, if they want to take the risk of breaking in let them face the consequences. If a few more Tony Martin style incidents happened it might persuade people not to break into peoples houses.