Civvies can be "Walts" too!

It's no secret that military Walts are what they are and do what they do because they promise themselves improved status from their (highly debatable) endeavours. But civvies are also prone to the same thing. Here’s one such example of many:
The word is “BEWARE”. This very glib guy is the same person who promised to employ at least twenty people at his office in Portugal in 2001, but who were unceremoniously closed down in 2002 with all those exposed being turfed out onto the street. The same thing happened to those few folks who fell for Vick’s promise and bought into the Sligo, Ireland office, which was slated to have at least 30 translators within a few months. The result was that the Sligo office opened in early 2004 and folded in the same year. Turfed out folks on the street again, not to mention the landlords who were hunting for their money!

So now we have the same geezer pulling the same stunt in America, i.e. forge ahead with an idea to employ a few folks in a deprived area; pocket the financial aids they offer and disappear from the scene.

If you need any further details about Eddie Vick, just PM me!

the_guru said:
Is he any relation to Caubeen?
He's no relation, Guru. But knowing the guy (Vick) personally, I'd set him behind our Caubeen morally, if you see what I mean!


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