Civvies!Bunch of cnuts!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. Read this and stopped at the second page. Utterly disgusted!

    It seems that they're unable to seperate between the military and Bliar's band of cn*ts.
  3. After page 2, a counter-attack seems to have been mounted. The very last posting suggests that we may have to stand by to repel boarders...
  4. I read some of those comments on the Forums (or is it Fora ?) - some of these people would be squealing for the army to do something if there was a strike on, or they were in any danger.
  5. Look at this character...She is a feminist, pacifist, vegitarian, lesbian, disabled, mixed race, pensioner wiccan (witch).

    Can anyone beat being a member of eight minority groups? She must have a field day at the benefits office.
  6. Oh it's Tommy this and Tommy that and Tommy how's your soul?
    But it's Thin Red Line of Heros when the Drums begin to roll.
    Nothing changes, lads.
  7. Shes a Celibate Lesbian with 2 children ( 8O )

    And what religion is "Gnostic Wiccan" ??
  8. "And what religion is "Gnostic Wiccan" ?? "

    A woman who can't make up her mind?! Bloody gnostic wiccans....
  9. That spawnee character is a good example of everything what is wrong in bLIARS Britain. A self important,do gooding, trotsky tw@t !!!!!

    Regards LT.
  10. Why is it never these cnuts houses that I had to rock up to in a Green Goddess? Mind you the pagan biatch probably lives in a gingerbread cottage in the woods. Boy am I glad I have given over half my life in service to dross like this :evil:
  11. It makes me so bloody proud to serve my country with this bunch of tossers and their ilk.

    What the fcuk do they know about sacrifice?
    What the fcuk do they know about loyalty?
    What the fcuk do they know about pride?

    Lay down my life for this bunch of inbread freaks - Bo11ocks!!

    (But of course I would - I'm a BRITISH SOLDIER - AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!!)
  12. Cannot help thinking for all his faults Hitler would have cleared this dross out
  13. It's society that has changed lads....

    When I came back from the Falklands, people were buying me pints in my local--people who I never met before. Purely because I fought in the Falklands. People loved the war, they loved the idea that we were defending what was ours.

    Nowadays, people would go out of their way to beat you up purely because you're a member of the armed forces.

    The people on that forum are awful, wretched little sh*its who, IMO, has no place living in this country. They can't seperate the difference between supporting the government/military goal, and supporting the brave men and women who had the balls to stand up and serve their country. An act, I might add, that no one on that forum has an idea of.

    Funny how, when there is a huge war that would effect us, people like them are the first who are crying out for our heroic men and women to lay their lives on the line to save the country, yet those forum people wouldn't ever want to do anything themselves. They're like takers--expecting people to fight and die on their behalf.
  14. Well said Mr Rogue, exactly right.

    And I'd still buy you a pint.