Civvies and todays two minute silence.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scuba_frog, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Every military person here, serving or otherwise will of course have their own way of marking the 2 minute silence however what about the civillian organisations and their employees? How well is this occasion supported by them? Any examples of a lack of support or discouragement of moving away from the production line for a few minutes and losing money? I'm sure tomoorw the tabloids will be full of shock storys however have any arrsers out there experienced it first hand.

    I'm on duty today over the period and of course, if possible will observe it, if not, I'll do it when I can. It will be fascinating to see if the department will go quiet or just carry on being the asylum in normally is however many staff here are ex forces so I suspect the former. I certainly hope so anyway. Was also glad to hear my daughters school observe it as well - theres hope yet.

    Hopefully, we civvies can redeem ourselves and show how much we appreciate your efforts.
  2. I worked at Rolls-Royce and they had a hooter signify the start and end of the silence. They may still do but that was in the late 80s'. My daughters school do as well.
  3. I work for TRW (used to be Lucas) and we always do (they beep the Fire Alarm)
  4. I'll be fcuk faced on Speights. Sorry.
  5. Am currently at Gatwick and have seen the memo from the airport instructing the silence to be observed. I think they even put a halt on aircraft taxiing/taking off during this time.

    Well done, them.
  6. Like many my company observes the 2 minutes silence.
  7. Uni didn't last year, I don't hold out much hope for this year, last year I had to slip out of the lecture and stand in a rather busy corridor. This years lecture will at least guarantee all of my cohort will be in silence as we are due to be in the middle of a sign language class!
  8. Scarily, Im measuring up a job in Rochdale today, exactly the same as last year, IIRC, a cannon goes off and 9 out of 10 people sh*t themselves, hold their Aldi bags aloft and curse the sky
  9. One of the blokes I work with is from Rochdale, he believes he is a descendant from the Pendle Witches.... We should burn him.
  10. I know Boots will be observing the silence, although some gits think Mrs Re-Stilly will still serve them and having been on the end of her withering stare I think they will get the message.
  11. EADS Defence & Security will be observing the 2 minutes, book-ended by a parp on the fire alarm. Defence companies do tend to be ever so slightly aware of these types of events...
  12. Maybe you could suggest it to the lecturer? During my undergrad days, I only ever had one lecture at 11.a.m. on armistice day. I asked the lecturer if we would be observing the two minutes silence, and he said thanks for reminding him and yes he would.
  13. We certainly did in my Corus place last year. This year however I'm backshift today so I'll be observing it myself, though I can't see it being a problem for those staff who are working.
  14. Shame he had to be reminded really.
  15. Won't happen here, Continuous line production. I did my 2 minutes on Sunday.