Civvie to Sandhurst - Timescale?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by WannabeRupert, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Good evening people.

    I am hoping to commission ASAP, I have got my degree and done my post-graduate studies. I have got my application in, and things already seem slow. I was wondering how long it normally takes from application to the gates of RMAS?

    I also wanted to know the steps along the way, so far the careers office haven't been too helpful with questions.
    The only steps that I know of are the pre-aosb brief? and actual AOSB.

    I presume there will be interviews before hand? medical of some sort? barb test? or is this all done at AOSB? At what point can you look to get some dates for Westbury? is it something I can do myself or do I have to wait for the careers office to do this?

    Many thanks.
  2. About 12 months. Roughly 3 months for your Briefing, then a wait of up to 6 months (unless you keep ringing AOSB and take any short notice slots) before your Main Board. Then you can apply for a CC place, but September tends to be very full so bear that in mind.

    Use the search function on here for 'How to pass AOSB', its been done to death and back again. Westbury will sort your dates out for you once you send off the initial application and advise you throughout. Should you visit regiments (and I strongly suggest that you do, to get a flavour of which part of the Army you wish to join) and gain 'Sponsorship' then they will do your paperwork for you.
  3. Average application duration from initial meeting to RMAS entry; 9 - 12 months (RMAS training intake dates Jan, May and Sept yearly)

    The careers office simply take your details, then electronically hand you off to your local ACA1, by whom you will be contacted by to begin the formal meet, greet and mentor phase, it is here you and they talk through the whole process and more exact time lines due to utilising familiarisation visits etc
  4. To continue as Jungelism touches on Fam visits are now mandatory, and the BARB is carried out at Westbury.
  5. Is May an unrealistic target then?
  6. Most likely. Should you pass Briefing and Main Board I'd aim for September 2012. You could do May at an extreme push, but you'd have to be mighty lucky with the MB dates and intake availability (despite May usually being undermanned).
  7. If I looked to get a board date now ( through the TA) would my ACA feel like I was stepping on toes / making things more complicated for them?
  8. Wannabe, the devil is in the detail.......TA Officers gain a cat B commision, Regs a cat A, added to that applying TA route would not speed up an application in anyway for the Regular career you wish, remember the Fam visits etc.

    In short you would be making the application process more complicated for you, unlike careers on the outside, the pace of a military application to be processed is generally set by you, so if you wish to "mess around" your application by divergence etc the ACA1 wouldn't loose sleep over it.
  9. I understand the actual commission is different and I am not looking to obtain a commission in the TA. However, as far as I am aware the Pre-Board and AOSB is the same. Therefore, if I applied for a pre-board date tomorrow instead of waiting for my initial contact with my ACA etc, could this potentially cut own the speed of my process?

    My thinking for this is because most people say the main delay is waiting for board dates.
  10. Wannabe, check your PMs
  11. Wannabe, answer to PM sent sent
  12. To get in for May you would need to have sat your Main Board by January and regressing back, bearing in mind there's a minimum 11 week wait between Briefing and MB, you would have to have done Briefing within the next 2/3 weeks! I've heard of people sitting MB after the set cut-off point and still being offered places on a particular CC but I can't verify that personally I just know that mid-January is official last board for May.

    A lot of it depends on how quick you are with your paperwork. It might sound simple but my ACA said to me the first time I met him is that it often takes so long because people are so slow getting simple documents to him to process as often he can't take the application further without those. For example, he has all my Main Board paperwork to me before I sat Briefing so that I could return it and could send it off as soon as he got notification that I passed.

    I got a delay on Briefing which means I'm looking at May (as opposed to January) but had everything gone to plan the time line would have been:

    March '11: Send in online form and arrange interview with ACA
    April '11: Interview with ACA
    July '11: AOSB Briefing
    September '11: AOSB
    January '12: Start CC

    If, like me, you're finished Uni etc. and looking to go to Sandhurst ASAP they really will try get you there as soon as they can but a lot depends on available slots and both your performance and speed at processing relevant information.
  13. Cheers for the PM's Gnr.

    Arrseways I have finished uni and my post grad year and I am currently working, i want to get out the office as quick as possible though! haha.
    I'll see what happens in the next 10 days or so.
  14. Is there such a thing as a 'Wannabe Rupert'?
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