Civvie Street Doesnt Care About Servicemen?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. If You think that, take a look at this article

    Hundreds Attend Soldiers Funeral

    Rifleman Lincoln grew up in what was then a sink estate - a resident that many of You right wingers wouldn't give the time of day to. Hundreds of others went to the church and so filled it that hundreds had to stand outside.
  2. People care about individual servicemen - the person that they knew who joined up, and is sadly no longer with us.

    People don't care enough about the military as a whole to vote to change things. Defence isn't a vote winner - social services are.

    The election won't be won or lost on foreign policy, or whether Mr Blair was a liar, or that Mr Brown is a parsimonious Chancellor with control freak tendencies.

    It'll be won or lost based on how better off the electorate will be, if they can be bothered to vote.

    That's where Civvie Street stops as far as the military are concerned - at the moment it becomes about issues rather than individuals.

    As a nation, we can afford lots of things. 5th largest economy now? But we won't put our hands in our pocket to pay for them.
  3. Good one Sven. Did it cross your mind that this was one well-liked young soldier, rather than the indication of wider society's love for the breed?
    Do you honestly think 650 of those were joe-off-the-street, come to give thanks to a man they never knew, but respected as a peacemaker. Hardly concrete evidence against the huge tide of apathy and indifference to the British soldier, is it?
  4. AND. Looking at the picture provided all I can see are old soldiers...nowhere does it say any chav attended.
    BTW sorry if this is out of order talking politics of someones funeral. Please feel free to delete my post.
  5. No, we pay for them but wish we didn't.

    Too many people will vote for the party who declares the lowest tax burden, too many look to their own situation and couldn't give a toss about any other.

    Too many people slag off lads on estates like the Sherbourn as being money grabbing wasters - there are threads that say exactly that in the first two pages of this forum - and would cast them into even worse penury given half a chance.

    I disagree totally about it being that Rifleman Lincoln was a local lad that had these people mourning, if He had died from an illness - serving or not - I very much doubt that He would have got the atendees He did.

    I'm not saying the majority of people support the war, polls show differently, they do in some places however support our troops
  6. Sorry Sven, you are sadly wrong. A lot of the target audience here grew up on the same sink estates. Just because some of our politics are not newliarbour does not mean we have forgotten where we came from.

    Heed :roll:
  7. Sven, only you could use the death of a soldier to try and score a cheap political point. Shame on you.
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    He wasn't though as far as I can see? He was saying that there is wider support for the forces out there than is apparent from some of the media.
  9. Thanks Sixty
  10. thats svens cheap political point....
  11. I was commenting on a group of posters that slagged of families in the same situation as Rifleman Lincoln without knowing their reasons for being there. Give me an alternative and appropriate name for those of You who have voiced this view and I will happily retract and use that new name
  12. Yoou are right, some of our families did - I for instance spent three years on two of the most notorious in Sheffield.

    Heed :roll:
  13. cheap and tacky sven, cheap and tacky.
  14. Sorry spiffy, I'm with Sven on this and that's a Norfolk Park vet speaking.
  15. And if I'd called You all a Rant of posters . . . . .

    The message was the same, after all