Civvie slackers are biggest problem for ex-soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jim_Research, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. I note there was no mention of 'swamping' in his research?

    Do civilians 'swamp' or is this pasttime still the peserve of the Armed Forces?
  2. I have just read the article and agree with the findings. Having taken off my uniform 10 years ago after 27 years in green and joining the Civil Service, you can tell who the ex-squaddies are by their willingness to get things done and the general work ethic evident. The majority (but not all) of what I would term "full-time civvies" are quite happy to make an appearance, chat to colleagues, use the internet to research something (not work-related!) and e-mail mates. I do it myself sometimes, like reading and contributing to ARRSE, but actually can leave for home knowing that the pay I've received for the work I've done during the day (and often at home) has been earned.
  3. On the same note, most civie CS seem to think 'being off sick' is extra holiday entitlement to their leave package! :evil:
  4. Note that the press release is a speck compared to the 82,000 words of the main document which will be on the web in full in the next few weeks. Of course civilians have a private and a public life (at work or not at work) and observations on their personal habits out-with the workplace is not believed to have been a feature of this lengthy research project.
  5. Good research.

    Good research.

    Good research.

    <checks email, watches clock, makes private phone call, scratches arse through tracksuit bottoms, votes in trade union ballot to go on strike>
  6. I think civvys are more likely to have days off sick.

    Bloke at my work went home early because he had a rash on his hand!

    Pathetic specimen he is too.
  7. Good work, Jim!

    (Mind you, I never manage to make a meeting on time, have a desk strewn with paper and walk around with my hands in my pockets. I also ended up in a security job.)
  8. I Totaly agree i may only be an ex stab but some of the civies i've worked with since i hung up my kit have to have been the biggest bunch of lazy sh1t's i've ever met. never turned up on time, didnt get stuck in to get the job done and cleared off early leaving me to pick up the slack. it's anoyedme that much im planning brusihng of my green kit
  9. Thanks. So whiskeybreath, you work undercover as a civvie then?
  10. That's me, and I'm buggering off home in five minutes, too. :D
  11. So, alot of ex squaddies think that most civvies are slackers.

    Hardly a newsflash.
  12. Hardly research, alot of what was mentioned is plainly obvious.

    Although, my desk is messy and I have my hands in pockets (tickling my nuts), I'm never late for a parade.
  13. I like to think that ex-squaddies are the biggest problem for civvie slackers, too!
  14. I believe 'swamping' to be a hobby peculiar to the forces. So too is the obsession with sharing the experience of 'crimping one off'.

    But the idleness thing? I reckon it's one of the few practises that those called to task have in common with those who are far too feeble to be considered for such duties.

    I base this view on time spent observing gentlemen from the Turkish Army in Kabul, who spent an entire afternoon imitating that bloke from CSI Miami, taking sunglasses off, putting sunglasses on - repeatedly until rotated back to Ankara.

    Equally indolent were the Legionnaires who turned a VCP in the 'Stan into a souk for cool shades, trying dozens of pairs on while 'ne'er do wells' smuggled their dodgy cargoes through without a single inspection.