Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by RUCLO, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. Are you ex or soon to leave Royal Engineers, (or RAF/RN), RESA, EOD, Ammo Tech or other suitably qualified personnel? We are starting a new company and need suitably qualified personnel to staff it. (We will also be looking for other specialists in the area of portable power, logistics and mechanics, so if you have a specialism there, please also feel free to drop me a line. Your details will be kept for future use)

    Good rates of pay, and I mean very good, none threat work environment with good rotations. Flights, food and accommodation will be free.

    This isn't a spoof or some kind of fly by night operation which will send you out to the middle of no-where with little or no kit and then pay you peanuts. This is a serious proposition and so please, only respond if you are genuinely interested.

    I spent 12 years in the Royal Signals and the last 18 years in the police. I am now moving on and have been asked to scope this out. If we can recruit the right people, we will launch the project.

    If you are genuinely interested, don't worry about a cv at this time, just contact me on - you don't even need to tell me your name or any contact details, so don't worry about personal security. I in turn will brief you on the who, where, what and when's, etc.


  2. If anyone knows of any other sites which I could try and recruit from, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Any indications as to where you might be launching this venture? Are you planning to invade the Isle of Wight?
  4. The Cockney Blackpool? Er - no.....

    On the more serious side, we are expanding an existing company to cover another area of operations. Anyone who wishes to chat with me is welcome to do so via the email address supplied. Obviously there is a commercially sensitive caveat attached to the proposition so it will only be discussed with suitably qualified and genuinely interested individuals.
  5. More information would be good on this venture. Just to see if its something i would be interested in.
  6. No problem. Drop me a line at the email in the ad and we can talk.
  7. Can REME apply? I assume that we'll be overqualified if you're looking for RE/RLC.
  8. There will be a requirement for support staff but first and foremost, we need ammo techs and/or ATO / EOD specialists, that's the core specialism and without that, there will be nothing to support.
  9. why don't you just go to one of the many PMC's that there are in UK with the staff already on the books, vetted etc....also not being funny but what does an ex scaley/copper know about this sort of thing, if you worked in this field then I would have thought you already had the contacts etc.....
  10. You are absolutely correct, an ex scaley / police officer does not know anything about this sort of thing which is why we are looking to recruit those that do. I know a little bit about the industry as a whole having also worked for the UN and consulted with various NGO's, but I accept that I know little or nothing about the actual technical side of dealing with munitions and its not the kind of skill you can bluff your way in, is it?

    If you know of other areas of recruitment where I am likely to find what I'm looking for, please feel free to point the way.
  11. It would depend on the scope of the project that your recruiting for, also the theatre you'll be expecting the blokes/girls to operate in. You've not mentioned re life support either in your update apart from stating flights, accom etc are paid for. Is the accom a compound, villa, hotel, is it secure etc. What T&C's ie life insurance/repatriation if wounded/killed. I would expect most of the type of people your seeking will already know who the big players are on the circuit. It maybe worth you speaking to one of the said companies to utilise their experience and pool of talent. But that would affect your P&L. You get a lot of companies like your's that are just trawling for cv's etc especially when you state this is a new company. I would have expected a lot more info for this type of work.

    Also the name of your company hasn't been mentioned unless it's the mail address and it's Techclear?
  12. I appreciate what you are saying and understand the concerns that some may have.

    I am not trawling for cv's, just looking for suitably qualified people. You will note that I have said there is no need to submit a cv, likewise, no need to identify yourself at this stage. You are also correct when you state that I haven't given too many details, and I won't be. Like I said previously, this is commercially sensitive and I am aware of who the big players are.

    As I have also previously stated, finer points will be discussed with those who are suitably qualified and contact me through the email provided.

  13. Good luck to you, there are plenty of firms out there and the market is not like it used to be. I would have thought you could have mentioned your company name though.