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Seeking some help, I have a £200 Go Outdoors gift voucher (leaving present) I am looking to buy a halfway decent set of civvie waterproofs, I want something that will cope with pretty much most of UK conditions so Gortex is a given. Anybody out there purchased anything in the last 6 months at around that price (or a bit over if its worth it) that they are impressed with?

Lazy, I know! but I do like to hear kit testimonies.

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Berghaus big **** off goretex jacket and zip in fleece is very good - had mine for about 5 years now. Buy one size up from what you normally wear,
Things to consider: How long is the voucher valid - do you need to rush into buying what is there today'ish; I used to go into the Coventry branch of Go every couple of weeks and sometimes they used to get a one off pallet of really nice 'spensive stuff in at xmas sale prices; t'other thing check when they have a sale coming up so you get more for your tokens.

A smidge off topic, but......

I used to mainly use the Outdoor shop in stony stratford, just outside Milton Keynes. They have the best value for money sales I have ever come across. When the sales came round I used to get orders for their sale RAB gear and Montane smocks to send over to Germany and Austria.

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