Civvie conversions for Sigs courses?

Hi All

could someone point me in the right direction please.

im after the civvie quals for the following sigs courses

class one radio op
class one RTG
class one RS op

im after a change of scenery and need to sort myself a comms CV
as theres quite a few vacancies come up for VSAT work.

So's everyone else! Have a look at a job spec, see if you can do it or something similar and word your CV using the experience you have.
class one radio op = Mobile phone operator
class one RTG = mobile phone operator using internet ( T-mobile webnwalk)
class one RS op = service centre operator
Were you actually all three trades?

Surely you could only have been two of them. (RTG and RS or Rad Op and RS).

If you were a Class 1 RTG, you would know that the skills learnt as a Class 1 Rad Op were irrelevant, as they are part of RTG.

You also need to look at what skills you have picked up during service. ie, have you any satcom experience?
try the Royal Signals resettlement page at, as there's some reasonably useful terminology in there.
chocolate frog
i was all three
radio op then RTG and due to the trade restructure ended up as an RS op
before setting off into civvie street.

Poison Dwarf
ill try the Sigs resettlement page

Thanks to all for the help.
No drama Neemo.

Just a strange question you asked.

If the signals resettlement page doesn't work, PM me, I'll have a route through my CV. It is a few years old and probably out of date now.

(For RTG only, not RS, don't know what they do.)
Hello mate,
Give one of the Regional Resettlement Centres a call. They all have an information room where you can use the internet for C.V prep etc. Contained in these rooms is a big fcuk off ring binder with all military job specs already converted to Civ speak.
Had a look through the Sigs one a few weeks ago and found it pretty useful.
To find what actual qualifications your trade may attract, have a quick scan at the army recruitment web site to see what they are offering the kids these days.
You don't mean the city and guilds quals do you, I think only ED, storemen and techs trades have been mapped to these.
cheers for the replies lads
im working in Iraq at the mo, till the middle of next month.
i had a look on the sigs resettlement site under cv
some good bone phrases there to use,
which is a starting point.
ill look up my regional resettlement center when im home
as i can use it for future reference

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