Civvie clothing that does not melt

I'm trying to find a range of outdoor clothing for a hot climate that isn't so full of plastic that it melts at the first opportunity.

Does anyone have any suggestions? By the way I'm not looking for a cotton safari suit or anything in tweed.
Dress in the same gear as the local population
Anything made of cotton won't melt. Cotton clothes can be worn indoors as well as outdoors so that would be an added bonus for you.
Rohan clothing used to be very good when the Howcrofts still owned the company. Now it has become a sort of fashion company like all the others.
They still have some good stuff but you have to sort through a lot of dross to find the worth-while items ie Bags

Rohan LINK

You didn't say where you are going or what you hope to be doing.
I would add that if you are just travelling then go for the non-military looking option. Uniforms or anything that looks "uniform" type clothing can make people dangerously nervous
Try here its military stuff but they do it in green and tan and also it looks a bit "Ray Mears".
I wear M&S twill shirts and timberland chinos. Both cheap, cool and non melting. Rohan do a pure cotton waterproof(ish) lightweight jacket.

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