Civvi boot advice

Hey all,

I'm looking to buy a new pair of civvi boots for general walking on dartmoor, black mountains etc for some reasonable mileages, and preferably priced below £100. I'll be trying some on in the next couple of days so any opinions on good brands would be great.

Thanks in advance
I'm not planning on stopping in yorkshire any time soon, and i can't make a trip up there for a while really. Just found these for £105, i'll have a look tommorow or saturday to try them (and others) on. Or these maybe, lowas and £67 instead of £90.
I don't know where you are based, but DO NOT buy boots mail order. Go to a decent shop and try them on and see how they feel. Not Millets - go somewhere that people who use the kit are working - not fat dim shop assistants.
Thanks Mr C, i'm going to try ellis brigham as they sell good kit, if a bit expensive. Hopefully i can take them back if i dont like them after a couple of hours trying them at home.
Its worth paying a few quid extra for the service. You might score for military discount if you ask nicely!

Get good socks too. I bit the bullet and buy 'Smartwool' socks. Not the cheapest but the best I've ever found. They last for ages too. Get socks and wash them a few times before trying the boots, so you really know how they are going to fit you.
Ellis Brigham do a good range, but I found their fitting service to be poor. That could be just the guy on the day. I've used Scarpa boots for 20 years and found them impeccable. However different manufactures suit different feet. For Dartmoor etc you'll want a 3/4 season boot, semi-rigid sole (usually steel shank) and vibram sole. If you apply torque along the length of the boot there should be a bit of movement, but not much. Likewise if you flex the sole, it should bend about 3/4 of the way towards the toes. if any boot around the £100 mark does twist and flex don't buy them as you might as well spend £30 on High Tech trails.

I use the old version of the SL M3. Do me fine for most winter walking in the Grampians, but find them a bit heavy for a summer's day jaunt up a hill.

If you have a TK Max near you it's worth dropping in as they sometimes have some cracking boots at good prices.
Cotswold out door shops do discount for services and Duke of Edinburgh's Award. I wear KSB 300s, Raichle Sierra GTX and Raichle mountain trail GTX, all 3 are good quality waterproof and I use them day in day out. I have tried many types & makes these are good. Altbergs are also good but really need a proper fitting to get best out of them
Thanks for all the advice, i'll be having a look tommorow and hopefully buy some using the info you've all given me, and if im lucky at a nicely reduced price.
My OH wore hi-tech when he did the 24hr 3 peaks challenge. Not a blister in sight and he'd bought them new for the occasion so only a couple of days round the house breaking them in.
I advise something from the KSB range
Mine are 10 years old and still going strong.
Oct to March they are worn daily.
Just add good innersoles and you should be ok

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