Civvi Binos with Grats

Does anyone know where I can find some Civvi binos that have graticules in them? I'm looking for something smaller than the ones that the Army issue us.
try using golfing binos with the flag sizes on. just work the size of the flag at different ranges and u have a cheap and smaller version. if u want proper grats swarvoski do them but u have to sell a kidney to buy them.
You can get small, rubber armoured binos with grats from Silverman's; my sister bought me a pair as a commissioning present. They were £125 when she bought them in 1998, but I suppose old Mr Silverman will have raised that. Looking at their website they still sell them, but do not have a price, rather a 'call & ask' :roll: Hope this is of help.
We have just bought a pair for our cadet unit, not sure where they came from but can find out for you, probably tomorrow. Only thing though, do you want the graticule graduated in mils or degrees? Our are in degrees...
The binos for sale in Silvermans are slightly different to the ones I have got. They have the standard grats in mils and also a little rangefinder thing which although basic works to a degree. Forgot to say that they fit in a FFD pouch and I used them throughout PCD with no advese comment. The website has them for sale for £150, but if you have a mate in BFG or some other BFPO, then you get the VAT off. Silvermans also give military discount, so you could save between 20 - 25% on the list price.
Civvi binos with grats tend to be smaller than the issue binos. As such, they do not gather as much light and so will not show as good an image in low light conditions.

I've seen MFCs using civvi ones and IMO they should not. The issue binos are very, very good.
I agree with the fact than 'mini binos' have a smaller diameter lense and therefore do not gather as much light but for those that need a pair of binos which need to have grats, such as platoon commanders and their section commanders, then the compromise of size and utility make smaller ones the prefered choice. The issue ones are very good, but bulky and heavy. If vehicle mounted, then fine, but for most infantry guys, the mini ones do the business. I have heard that the current issue ones are going to be replaced with Zeiss ones. The steiner binos are excellent and they do come with or without grats. The smallest ones they make are 6 x 30 and 8 x 30 - small, but not small enough for a FFD pouch. on a related thread, does anyone know whether there is a bino pouch in the PLCE range? might be good for the officers at staff! :lol:
Looking for Binos with Grats in Mils. Yes, agree that the Army issue ones are good, but I just want a set to keep with me as I don't always have the issue ones.
Will be perusing Silvermans. Just glad my birthday is coming up!!


I have Steiners and the trip to Florida to pay less than 1/2 UK retail was well worth it. 8x30 and great for stalking! No grats mind, I dont give fcos on deer that often!
I also have a pair of Steiner 8 x 30 binos; again with no grats. Got them in a BX in America for about $100. Alas, no grats but they are great. Can get them with grats, but are about $600 on US websites. :(
All good having the binos in daytime, but what about at night? Not done a GPMG(SF) shoot at night yet but I can't see a CWS being much use at 1800 metres!

I've heard of there being night vision binos "in the system" somewhere but never seen them. I'm guessing that it'd have to be Thermal imaging rather than Image intensifiers for that kind of range. Aren't there any binos out there that you can switch from day to night use, rather than carrying 2 pairs around with you, or none at all? Rubber armoured, graticules, self focussing and in a magnification like the issued ones, and those anti-glint or anti-scratch coatings you can get on the lens, and you'd have it all.

I also have a pair of mini binos I was bought as a present. Never really used them too much - I was much more impressed with the issued ones! I guess I can see the use if you're in a recce pltn or the like and you want every man jack to have something - but if youre a section or platoon commander, or need to direct fires like a MFC or gun controller - surely the issued ones give a lot better performance, and there might be guys lives riding on you getting those rounds on target or spotting that camouflaged OP or whatever...
The issue ones are very good; even the old WW2 8 x 30 metal binos are good if they are in good condition. Within the infantry weight is all. Everyone has a SUSAT and they are good as an aid to target identification. It's better to have a small pair with grats 'just in case' rather than not to carry a big pair and wish you had on the occasions they would be of use. I believe the new issue ones, Zeiss if I'm correct will be smaller than the current ones and should still give better performance than mini binos. The ones I was bought as a present are fit for purpose; noone is going to be hunting U-Boats with them (even thought I've been issued a few pairs in my time which I think that was their very purpose!) but they provide the ability to direct fire if should ever be in the position where grats would be of use.
I bought a old pair of 7x50 Steiner mil glasses from the IDF ,great binos,
About the night ones , In the reserves I've used NV Binos with a laser range finder,
It is very useful ,you point ,Push the button and you get the distance. great :D
Adam Reg 646
You can use the night vision ones in the day as well? Turn off the night vision and use them just like ordinary binos?

How far can you see through them at night about?
Gook said:
You can use the night vision ones in the day as well? Turn off the night vision and use them just like ordinary binos?

How far can you see through them at night about?
Several light-years, but if you're looking at objects in the night sky, you'd be better off with a telescope. :wink:
While I'm googling for the answer, have you considered a spotting scope?
Ah but there is a difference between binoculars that have that coating (I think it is ruby?) on the lens, and a wide lens, to be more useful in lower light - and something that actually has night vision, like Lion or Sophie. I've never been issued those two but I was wondering if there is something that'll do the job of a set of regular "day" binos AND have proper night vision you can switch on (TI or II).

I seem to remember hearing the Dragunov scope could be used in day or, turning on its image intensification, at night. But I am far from an expert in such matters so I can hardly say if one "do-all" set of binos for day and with night vision would work or not.
Binos suited for night vision have wide objective lenses and generally a low magnification (i.e. wide field).

Binos with graticules are "night vision" if the graticules can be illuminated.

Image intensifying "binos" usually only view through one side, so are, strictly speaking, monoculars.

"Night vision" can mean a lot of things, so I'd look very carefully at the description on the box before buying.
The coatings on the lenses serve different purposes. Apart from anti-scratch, there are anti-reflection (usually greenish) and contrast-enhancing (usually red). The trouble with the contrast enhancing lenses is that although they give greater definition between objects (good at dusk), they let less light in (bad at dusk). It's a trade-off and will depend on what you're looking at and the surroundings.

Really expensive binoculars will have a faint blue tint to the lenses (if not otherwise coated). These are made of sapphire and are virtually unscratchable (also to be found on the faces of expensive watches).

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