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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Castleview, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. If anyone has recently made this transfer across, as I'm hoping to do, could you please PM me or leave a comment on what your experiences have been. Cheers
  2. The grass isnt always greener pal. Dont do it.
  3. I appreciate your comment; I've made the decision I want to already; Have been in CID far too long and sick and tired of dealing with juveniles, social services, smack heads and victims with more pre-cons than the defendants! Being an accredited detective I could always re-join civ pol later on if things didnt work out
  4. Or you could deal with pissed up squaddies fighting, people claiming £20 too much on JPA and theft of articals from a clothing store.
  5. Is this why you want to get out of the G10?
  6. Exactly ;)
  7. Yeah that sounds like more fun to me; I've done the interesting side of civvy policing and there's no way I'm going to spend the next 20 years working in London waiting to pick my pension up!!
  8. have you thought about the pay implacations? as Met civvy bill you'll be on far more than your basic LCPL pay ? 20 years left before police pension? that puts you at approx 30 years old, joining the OB at that age is fine, you fancy doing basic training for months with a bunch of 18 year olds?
  9. Yeah the pay cut will be huge, but I've earned enough over the last few years for it not to be an issue for me luckily, and money certainly isn't everything....working in the Met has sapped all the life out of me and I've worked the counties too so it's not a decision I'm taking lightly. It's not just a job change it's a life change; I'd rather work with a bunch of 18 years olds on a daily basis than a bunch of 40/50 year olds (further away from my age group), and I really dont worry about people's age it's more about the approach to the work they do. I dont want to spend my entire working career policing the metropolis when I could do the same (or similar) work all over the place with, for me, the extra experience of going on operations.
    The worst case scenario would be that I didn't enjoy it, came out the RMP after minimum service, and back into civvy police with more training and experience than before I started. Most RMP could perform in the role of a civvy constable, but not the other way around. The fitness, the formal side to the RMP, the army lifestyle and humour, and the chance to move around and do things I would never do otherwise is what appeals to me most.
  10. Have you considered MOD Plod?
  11. How about the TA?

    You can volunteer for as many deployments as you like and be virtually full-time, as long as you show your face in the office now and then I suppose - and you could keep your civpol pension. :nod:

    If you really hate your job that much you will also be pleased to find that there is 3 months leave at the end of each deployment with your civilian pay matched and paid for by the MoD (speaking from RNR, but I'm sure TA is similar if not the same).

    Best all-round solution in my opinion.
  12. Why only consider the Military Police? Could you not do any job in the army and still have the option of a return to civ-pol?
  13. I have considered that route, but if I stay in civpol it would be in CID, as I've been a detective for most my service, and the units I work on I run 20+ cases which I couldnt leave alone for a week let alone months, or expect anyone to take over for me. Its not that I hate my job, it is without doubt one of the most interesting jobs one can do; but I've seen and done most things you can in civpol and I want to use what I have learned and experienced in my service in a different field of policing with different aims, goals and expectations
  14. If there no other police duties that you can look at to get your mojo back?

    Armed response
    Water units
    Diplomatic protection
    National units
    Mounted sections
    Ai support

    Forgive me, I know nothing about policing other than what I see on sky TV!

    Sounds like you enjoy being Columbo, if you go RMP I imagine (those in the know please correct me) that you will have to do Uniformed GPD and get some time in under your belt prior to any SIB aspirations.

    MOD plod depoy on ops if you want some action in that respect and you could just go back into uniform as you were going to be in uniform as RMP anyway.

    I hope you do find your mojo!
  15. Thanks for the comment!!! I moved (or was "highjacked") into CID before I even finished my probation, so had very little uniformed policing; and having worked CID I wouldn't want to go into uniform within the same service; I also live 65 miles away from work and really dont want to move closer to London just to get a different role (house prices are hideous, and I dont really like London to be fair!) DPG, SB, Firearms etc are all very hard to get into and would mean living closer to the city; and it still doesnt solve one of my "wants" which is the ability to move around and be posted to different places throughout my service.