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Hi all, :wave: i am brand new to ARRSE so please be gentle, i've seen plenty of newbies get destroyed on here and i'm cacking it. Anyway here goes...

I have been a cop within a Scottish Police Force for the past 3 years and in a nutshell i've really started to fall out of love with the organisation for a large number of reasons, as such i am now at a stage where i am seriously considering jumping ship to pastures new(ish). I was OTC whilst at university and i am currently within the TA, however due to work restraints i very rarely manage to even darken the TAC doorway, as such more and more i am interested in going regular. I have passed AOSB and i am looking to enter Sandhurst in May next year, with the aim of joining the glorious redcaps as a 'rupert'.

I have looked at TA RMP, but as stated i can hardly attend drill nights already due to shifts etc, and as such i don't see much point in wasting their time, also i'm wanting more than just the occassional weekend. I have also enquired about an RMP fam visit but the RMP Recruitment Officer said there wasn't much point in attending one as i have attended a number of other fam visits during University/OTC and they are all very similar, with the better RMP visit taking place prior to the RSB at Sanhurst.
However before taking the leap of faith i have a few questions for my fellow ARRSEers...

1. I am aware i will be much less hands on than the NCOs of the Coy, but generally what is the relationship like between the lads and the officers? I hear there is also more 'back-stabbing' amongst the ranks than other regiments/corps, please say this is not so...:sad:

2. Is there much scope to get out on the ground when deployed? Also is a deployment even guaranteed in the next couple 3-5 years? A check of ARRSE officer forums claims that depending on which unit you join a deployment may not even happen before Afghan scales down due to officer 2-3 yearly rotations. Surely this can't be the case and i am misinformed?

3. I am a ripe old age of 25, and i've been told that due to my age i won't have completed a certain number of posts within a certain period time (by the age of 30 i think) when it come to promotion boards and as such i won't make it past Capt. This isn't overly important to me, just a little bit disheartening to hear that my career is limited before i even start. Can anybody shed any light on the legitimacy of this...

4. What are the everyday GPDs of RMP NCOs and Commissioned Officers really like?

and finally

5. Is there a likelihood i could possibly be jumping out of the pan straight into the fire?

I should probarbly point out at this stage that in a lot of ways i still very much enjoy civpol, however there is a lot that can be improved. Morale is at the floor, colleagues failing to look out for each other, the usual trivial paperwork... you've heard it all before. It's not that i don't enjoy policing, far from it, i just hope the RMP can provide the right balance of soldiering, a common sense approach to police work, and cheap beer when on downtime, all in all the best of all worlds combined.

I know similar posts have been posted in the past, however not many indepth ones regarding officer entry to RMP. Apologies if this is a duplicate or in the wrong place.

Many thanks in advance chaps and chapettes.

Taffs1985 :police:
Okay, ill have a jab at this.

Officers in the RMP are 'less hands on' on the policing front and tend to check the paperwork side of life and manage casefiles than getting involved in the patrolling, arrest etc.

Regarding the back stabbing, this is not the case. Some officers come in and attempt to but down NCOs with their law or theory knowledge, when they try preaching to an NCO who may not know all the definitions in law but have done hands on policing for years, thats when it tends to get frustrating. In most cases though the working relationship is very good and back stabbing is not an issue.

Operationally, RMP officers get out on the ground as much as the boys. Not too sure about the opportunity for officers though.

Not sure on the captain cap aswell sorry.

Generally, you'll find that any problems you have in CivPol is mirrored in the RMP except the morale part. Daily life is less active than CivPol purely because our audience is smaller (ie the military community) so patrolling aimlessly around is pointless if theres nobody under our jurisdiction!

Anyone coming from CivPol to RMP can only do good things as they have been there and done that on the ground (policing) so they can appreciate what goes on and not just criticize from behind a desk!

Hope this helps.
A colleague of mine who is a serving Police officer, ex Para but still TA, is currently doing a turn in a bad place. He is a fair bit older than you and has gone as a junior rank. As an option you could do the same. The old bill will keep your job open until you come back (they have too) best of both worlds if you like it stay, if once you've scratched that itch you don't like it then you have a job already to go. Win win that doesn't happen often.
There haven't been many ex plod who have commissioned into the RMP but of the few I have met, they very quickly find that their working knowledge is far in advance of that of their brother and sister officers, and that includes their OCs & COs. The higher up you travel in the RMP the farther you are removed from policing (even though you will be involved in policy decisions), despite the protests that this post will consequently create. RMP Officers have always been and still are...administrators. No, they don't equate to Inspectors or Chief Inspectors. There is one who posts on here (or did) who bumps his gums about RMP Officers and their 'modern' role.....but the last time I saw him, was on TV, where he was running around telling bemused American soldiers to put their helmets on...and he was ex Old Bill. Just google 'Col Dudley Giles' for an ideal example of an officer who claimed to be a 'front line investigator'. To call that a 'gross exaggeration' would be an understatement. Personally I hate the overuse of the expression 'front line', but it was his claim, not mine. His knowledge..or lack thereof, is very much the norm throughout, although I doubt many officers would have been so stupid or corrupt to have conducted themselves in such an utterly unprofessional manner, which not only challenged his personal integrity, but that of the RMP, particularly its Officers. But as I said, there'll be a few who will disagree, quoting anecdotes about 'this Officer' and 'that OC' and the usual unsubstantiated defensive tripe. Very few RMP JNCOs actually hold much in the way of respect for their officers. Fact of life. Although, you will find the odd arse kisser on here prepared to arguing the toss. Especially, if it's close to SJAR/OJAR time and their OC (who also posts on here) knows their ARRSE ID.

Another problem you may have, and it's quite annoying to be truthful, is that having seen the levels of incompetence displayed by your fellow officers, you may begin to grate, with constant comparisons between your former employer and the RMP. This will seriously annoy people who are already demoralised. You will also shoot yourself in the foot as not all of your brother and sister officers will appreciate this and word does get back to your OC...via the same people. Sad as it seems, even in the most unpopular Corps, some of your colleagues will shank you as soon as look at you. You will also be overwhelmed by the amount of officers who are genuine fuckwits. Many in that category are too scared to have an independent thought, as once it becomes common may adversely affect their prospects. Senior RMP Officers get a bit jittery around 'free thinkers'. Now, you can use your moral compass and argue the toss with them, or you can eat shit, shut up and do what they want you to...'as you are told'. It's a big call, but it's yours to make. I think you know what I'm getting at here. Get used to the expression 'Run with the pack, or be hunted by it'. Ignore the recruiting bumph about who and what you'll command. You might get a 2 years stint at the SIB, but you are a figurehead only. Don't try to outdo your WO. You'll dig an awfully deep hole for yourself and having pissed him or her off, don't expect either to tell you when to stop digging. As an aside most of the **** ups in the Gulf occurred when the SIB Section was under command of a DE Officer.

Also, if you are hell bent on this adventure, beware that as a Jock plod, you'll find that Scots law will only be of any use to you if you are posted north of the border.

There are many Officers who have been so pissed off with the RMP and who have joined the Old Bill.

Why don't you try the Inf?
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