CivPol - Good lads or ****?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Infiltrator, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. I know that they say that you are getting old when the coppers start looking young....but hey I'm starting to knock on a bit.

    My gripe is that the civil police seem to be placing themselves above the law when it comes to enforcing it. It's just simple things that grip me. How often have you seen a police car illegally parked when not on an emergency call? Around here, the Met are just terrible for it. Bus stops, Yellow lines, Disabled name it.

    Now I have no issues with them sticking the car wherever they have to when they are responding to a 999 call, but so they can nip to the shops or have lunch? If I do it I get a ticket, but they think they can do it as it has "POLICE" on the side of the car.

    I regularly see police cars travelling above the legal limit with no blue lights or sirens. Why? Surely if they are on a call then to speed they should have to have the blues and twos on, if not then don't speed.

    As I said, it's just little things, but these people are here to enforce the law, and as such they should set the example.

    Or am I just being unreasonable?

    Can't they smarten up a bit too? You know, the odd shave or two and perhaps rolling their shirt sleeves up properly and not just be extra scruffy. Lazy bunch of arrses.
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    It's called diversity, get wiv it m8 (added that last bit for effect).

    I looked at the Merseydive 'diversity' handbook they give to plod. It is in several langauges, of which, they state 'Within the county of Merseydive, English is used by our officers' !

    Well that is fcuking one on me as I have never understood a skauser yet, just got showered in flem
  3. This from a bag of shite Blue Job? Have you looked in the mirror recently?

    Now, WRT the bizees. Generally they aren't too bad. But a good few of them are getting out of their box.
  4. I find plod a bunch of boring ****, they do a job like the rest of us. If they cant hack it then X off.

    Yes they are a bunch of scruffy gits, and why do all the WPC's have fat arrses?
  5. Fair cop (no pun intended!). I still come back to the point though, that more and more of them feel that the laws (even the most basic ones) that they are employed by us to uphold do not apply to them. It grips me, and I just think it's wrong.
  6. What gets me is the way they elevate themselves above the general populace. I was talking with one of them once who kept referring to “civvies this and civies that”.
    So I pointed out to him, he was a civi.
    “I’m police, not a civi” he replied in his, I can fcuk your day unless you toe the party line kind of way.
    “Boll0x” I retorted, smugly knowing I had the moral high ground (and knowing I could outrun the fat fcuker if I needed too!). “You are bound by civil law. That makes you a civilian!”
    Gotcha I thought!
    “Err no.” he stuttered. “Civilian means someone who isn’t part of the military or police”
    “Boll0x! (I like saying that to the plod). We military are bound by military law (yes I know, and civilian law). There is no police law (although they fcuking act like there is!) for you to follow.” I point out.
    “Fcuk off. That’s just semantics” he replies.

    And that’s the point. They elevate them selves above their fellow civilians, and believe they are better than them. Yet very few actually can see they are just civilians that wear blue (often scruffy) suits for a living.

    Rant over.
  7. Not where I am. Even coppers on duty in police vehicles get speeding tickets over here.

  8. They get issued em, just like the dorii in HMF.

    One of my mates is a rozzer and he's the most law breaking twat i've ever met :x
  9. Civy refers to "civil staff" IE the non police officer part of the police (such as HR managers and PCSOs) never in 12 years heard it applied to the public. I would suggest your copper was very new out of the box.

  10. There all 18 year olds around my way, either skinny bespectacled runts, or porky, skin head, ray-ban wearing walts. With Bullet proof utility vests with 'POLICE' emblazoned all over it. Picatinny_Rail ,I concur with the assesment that they do believe themselves to be the mightiest men on the block. Unfortunately this leads to a disproportionate ammount of them getting chinned near enough every weekend in town. Oh well!!!
  11. Being an ex cop my son, I find obnoxious squaddies full of drink and all mouth when they are on the piss with their so called mates causing havoc in towns and cities around the country giving the locals plenty of verbal and pissing in the street a right pain in the arse.I just love arresting them, then watching their attitudes change when being invited to the cop shop for the night.On waking up the next morning, WOW the change is absolutely amazing little boys begging to be released as their Sgt Major will give them hell for falling foul of the law.Up to court and getting a very big fine and a criminal record.Now I would rather have a fat arsed woman cop than a loud mothed squaddie any day.It pays to be nice to the local constabulary boys.
  12. I've heard plenty of coppers refer to members of the public as 'civvies'. Can't see a problem with it. The civilians who work for the police however, now like to refer to themselves as 'Support Staff'. By all account UNISON was offended by them being referred to as civilians and some of their members got well upset. It's went to the other extreme now. I've even heard a couple of 'Support Staff' refer to members of the public as 'civvies'. Now that I do have a problem with.

    I can see why Plod sets himself apart.
  13. Policemen wearing utility vests with 'POLICE' emblazoned all over them? Whatever next?
  14. Skinn full, i'm just going off the TRF but if the blokes round your area are ex RUC, they are nails - watch it! But it is a small requirement we stand out, writing 'POLICE' across everything does help....

  15. I think of myself as Military. I have a law that governs my actions. It is Military Law. Everyone else who is governed by Civil Law I think of as civilians. The police fall into this category.

    If this is not true, and the "Real" police think they are not civilians, what criteria do they use to class them selves. What makes a civi a civi?

    I think the law that governs your action, is a good indicator to your terminology. After all, we think the RAF are just civies in uniform, but deep down we still know they are not civilians, but military (in the loosest sense :wink: ).

    The Police have a code of conduct, but ultimately they do not have a Law that they have that differentiates them from the "civilian" population, thus they are be definition the same as them. If not we will have the postal workers thinking they are not civies, and traffic wardens etc...