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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dunc0936, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    I am new to this site, and had made a post yesterday on the training Forum about packing a Bergen for a hiking session I have planned for a few weeks time, though I got some good adice there were also some snide comments about being a wannabe rambo coming on to your site. I am NOTHING of the sort, I have in the past fired an SLR rifle on a range under controled conditions, and believe me that is as close i want to get a high powered rifle. I am interested in the endurance and survival training you recieve. and reading the recent articles and watching the news about the romps across the falklands carrying inxecess of 100lb packs and covering hughe distances in very short periods of time I have MASSIVE respect for the work you do.

    before joing the site I decided to air my reviews to some MP's including Patrick Mercer and Adam Ingram. and below is a copy of what I wrote.

    BTW conbat stress and BFF are just two of the armed forces charities I support

    Dear Sir

    I feel that I must write to you with my concerns regarding our armed forces, especially relating to the Royal Navy. With the recent news relating to the run up to the 25th anniversary to the Falkands conflict.

    I thought I would look at the strength of our navy as it stands today. Looking at the Royal navy’s own website it would seem we have ample ships from carriers down to mine sweepers and support vessels to conduct such an operation. However hearing reports in the press about ships being mothballed and downgraded, not being able to put to sea due to the lack of money for fuel I’m not so sure and am rather concerned.

    I feel as a country we should be very proud of our armed forces, especially in today’s climate where we have service personnel in harms way and regrettably giving their lives. As a tax payer over the last 15 years and having voted in the last election I did not vote for our forces to be cut back to save money for the sack of saving money.

    By supporting our armed forces publicly both as a country and personally, I don’t feel we should be seen as war mongers or colonialists. A very strong navy can be used for a multitude of rolls and fighting wars is only a very small and thankfully very infrequent part.

    I feel as a country we need to decide what sort of forces do we want, we can either have a defence force just to defend this country in the event of an attack such as Germany and Japan and not getting involved in issues around the world (this would cost a lot less) or we have a armed forces that we are greatly proud of, and that are correctly equipped to do the job we ask of them around the world, and as politician’s once you have decided to commit the armed forces then we should get behind them 100%

    I would be prepared to see a small increase in my taxes if I knew that the money was going to equip the armed forces with what ever equipment they needed to do the job (and lets forget about a costly and unworkable European defence force, it will cost far to much and will never work) The money can be much better spent like the £600 million the MOD has recently been able to spend on practical equipment to protect the soldiers on the ground.

    Though I have not had the opportunity to serve myself due to medical reasons I support the armed forces whole heartedly and have massive respect for the work they do. I feel it a great shame that there are today very few MP’s that understand the armed forces and feel that like education and the NHS they can be used for political games.

    A prime example of cost cutting and insufficient care is the case of closing specialist hospitals and placing personnel in NHS hospitals where the general public have open access to them. I personally support a number of armed forces charities and feel that there should be not only specialist wings in hospitals but also more support for soldiers once they have left the service.



  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Welcome Dunc.

    Don't worry about the abuse, it goes with the territory. As this is a military-based site, a lot of Arrsers are sceptical by nature and - being squaddies - also naturally abusive!

    As a self-declared civilian, some Arrsers are duty bound to give you random abuse - again, all part and parcel. Things may go bad if you happen to be a student though :wink:

    As long as you aren't a walt, and can both send/recieve abuse, you'll get on fine!
  3. f*ck off civvie :D
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    And that!
  5. I could have got good odds on that reply popping up but not that quick!
  6. As Fugly says you will meet lots of people who dont trust you as they think your a scummy media bod trying to gain information and print sh*t. My advice to you is dont come on asking too many questions or try to bait people and you then will be accepted.

    If you are as you say then welcome to the site.

    if you a scum sucking tw*t of journalist / walt wanting to write crap stories against the military I hope you get Aids and die.

    Good luck
  7. ... sure you've got that right - all the reports I have read suggest that one contracts AIDS, although why anyone would want to is beyond me - I suppose that soon anyone will be able to get it on Hire Purchase - in order that chav scum can benefit from it! ;)
  8. Hang on your onto a winner there. Never mind the poor chav scum having to get nasty HP, we could put it in their benefits, you know make them entitled to it! Those that earn a crust wouldn't be entitled to it if you know what I mean.

    Apart from all that


    good good

    the farkin bastewards

    you need to conatct these people

    This is all they read mate now go and have a big f*ck off pint of Gin and watch some porn
  9. Hi Ho, Dunkey.

    How's tricks at World Trade Centre Emergency Response? - Keeping busy?

    Bergan packed yet?

  10. might want to read this...

    WHY....... :D
  11. WTCER. Ping.
    Emergency Planning Disaster Management. Ping.
    Likely to end in tears, Dunkey. Ping.
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    Burn him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Seriously Dunc, posting your personal details - especially ones as geeky as yours - on a site such as this is NOT good!

    I retract my welcoming statement!
  13. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Didn't you do well!!!

    Self financed, my arrse! On a post Tesco workers student income??

  14. yes well :lol: I forgot how out of date that page is, well at least you all know who i am now, no journalist, ah well best get on and update that page and god get rid of that god awfull photo :lol:
  15. Cow

    Cow LE

    Fugly: Mint! Some people just leave themselves open to abuse.... I'd be worried if that ammount of info was on the web about me. Maybe it's just a smoke screen so we don't think he's a jorno?????

    datumhead: how easy would he be to be socialy engineered and steal his bank details...
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