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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by civpol, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Im 24 and a new civilian police officer (still in training)I am thinking about maybe joining the TA as somthing a bit extra and maybe to get something out of my system. I was wondering if there were any civilian police on here who are serving TA members and if so how do you find juggling the shift work and demands of policing with meeting TA commitment.
    I have searched through previous threads however have not been able to find anything specific.
  2. You won't be able to join until your two years probation is up and all depends if your Force operates a quota system in which case if your MET then its only a slim chance you will get authorisation.
  3. There a plenty of opportunities to 'get something out of your system' in the Met. Why not try some crusty bashing - I have it on good authority that there may well be a vacancy in the TSG quite soon.
  4. My old force allowed for 3% to be in the TA ,I joined the TA RMP but didn't stay very long. You might change your mind once your probation is up. Wait untill then, if you still feel the same way (which I doubt) make enquires with personnel.
  5. I think you're going to be disappointed, the best I can say is I hope I'm wrong.

    Police Forces losing enough trained guys on Reservist call at the moment, (bit of a laugh watching a 38-year old Plod trying to get his Bootneck fitness back before a 6-mth Gulf deployment), don't expect a sympathetic response from your Force in the present climate. As TA you are 'expected' to serve on Ops, where will they get a spare copper to replace you from?

    The possibility also is that your TA working hours will be deducted from the max EU permissible working hours by your Personnel dept, and your Force might impose a shorter working hour regime upon you. This will have a financial affect that as (untrained) TA you are unlikely to recover, and may well affect the pace of necessary learning during your probationary two years. MK