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Due to working in local government I’m facing the dreaded "Job Devaluation". I have a feeling they'll be trying to pay me less - we find out next month.

My civvy job is as a Technician in a council Engineering Team (pretty much all highways based) and I'm also a TA private (RLC Rad-Op). I'm studying for BTEC National Certificate in Civil Engineering on day release which I'll finish in the summer.

Military Engineer (Surveyor Engineering) sounds interesting (I worked for a surveying/setting out company before my current job) but I’m wondering if I would be able to apply to become an officer. I have 6 A/S levels rather than any A-levels due to my attraction to beer and a pub near the school I went to.

PRO WORD NO WAH, what do RE officers do?
Does anyone have any more info on the ME(Surveyor Engineering) trade?
Will having Nat Cert Civ Eng help if I was to join the ranks?
What are promotion opportunities like in the RE?

I did go to my local AFCO but I there must be a shortage in my local infantry regiment because that seemed to be all they wanted me for.

Cheers guys!
Fatbadge said:
what do RE officers do
Fekked if I know :? :? :? :? :?


Sign leave passes?

Dont worry, someone sensible will be along soon.. :wink:
not with JPA they don't.

feck your career up :? 8O :? 8O (i may have also helped a little in that department)
While we're waiting for someone sensible...

Why the urge to get commissioned? The hours are long, the pay is cr*p and you can't have fun.

You seem to have the ideal civvy career path to become a Clerk of Works (Construction). The Clk Wks (C) is the highly esteemed backbone of the Corps, involved in investigation, design and supervision.

170 (Infra Support) Engineer Group is the place for you. Based in Chilwell, Nottingham, 170 Engr Gp is where the really clever Sappers end up. Most of the TA element is in 65 Works Group.

As Specialist units, the Specialist Teams RE (V) recruit nationally, utilising the skills learned by its soldiers in civvy street and adapting them to the military environment.

The training commitment is less than Independent units, requiring attendance at only 2 weekends in addition to Annual Camp, reflecting that much of your training is actually provided by your civvy employer. There are opportunities to attend additional weekends and courses.

As your civvy skills increase, so also will your position within the STRE. The first hurdle will be attaining Clk Wks, then (if you really, really want to) you could get commissioned from there.

There are lots and lots of slots for SNCOs. (If somebody thinks that I'm plugging this a bit too hard, jump in). In fact, I can almost visualise you sitting at the end of the table at the Mess Dinner next year, very smart in your nice red tunic. (That's not going over the top, is it?).

Get your transfer in now and you could be joining us for Annual Camp in Cyprus, Gib, Ascension, Falklands or some other place that you've never been to. Sorry, Hong Kong is off the list now.

Visit for more info.

... and breathe...
putteesinmyhands said:
Why the urge to get commissioned? The hours are long, the pay is cr*p and you can't have fun...
:? :? :? :?

compared to what :?: :?: :?: :?:


There are 2 types of surveying in the RE

Site surveyor (setting out, construction stuff)
Map survey (survey ground, print fancy pis/newsletters er I mean maps, starting to do the fancy fly by terrain mapping stuff you see on TV)

Dont know about the first but the map survey was quick promotion when I was there (left last year) the trade now does all the survey ground, enter data into comps and print out maps or displays the data on comps etc.
42 Engr (Geo) Regt has an out of date web site that has some info.
Being the only Regt doing their job though they had a high turnover of lads/lasses and were struggling to recruit enough to keep numbers up
Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm going to wait-out until I get my letter from the big boss. The Specialiast TA role will definately be something to consider if I decide to stay on in civvi street.

On the other hand the 42 Regt suggestion is just as good, plus it gets me out of boring civvi street employment.

Like I've already said thanks for your ideas, I'll let you know what I choose when i choose, should be mid january.

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