civillians on camp

why do the civillians that work on this camp seem to think they run it !!!!!!!!, most of them are ex millitary and still seem to think they are living the dream.
do you think you should park your car on the other side of camp so that a civillian can park closer to work ? :evil:
They have done it all before.

They are going to be there a lot longer than you are.

They don't have to be messed around like you can be.

It's going to be the same in any camp you go to.... get used to it.
So which camp would that be then?
Does it really matter?

They commute to work, you lot dont. Apart from a kebab run there is no real need for you lot to have a car outside the block (non PS that is)

And you should be marching to work not abanding your cars all over just to save 5 mins.
CC, suprised to find PS complaining as you should have the correct car pass for your work and accommodation.

Normally the problem is with the Phase 3`s who moan becuase they have to use physical effort.

I am ps and i commute so why should i park miles away from work? Tell the civvies to get fcuked!! half of the fat git civvies could do with a brisk walk in the morning as it's the only exercise they get apart from spinning on their chairs all day eating doughnuts!!!
Just wondering disco what exactly is the difference between a phase 3 full screw and a PS full screw. Apart from one hapilly parks his car the other side of camp and the other is allowed to park outside his block and complain about where he parks.
bull140, on the surface there is little difference but as PS you should not be put out by those who attend training (1800 students +cars).

As a trainee typically you would not have any "real" need for transport on a daily basis, you can walk easily from the accomodation to the classrooms and the bars etc.

However as PS you could work anywhere on camp, and Blandford is pretty big.

Yes the civvies are a pain and some are right tw4ts but they should not have to walk miles to their place of work as you would expect at your home unit. Many are ex serving and have done their fair share so let them win this one, does it really matter?

I suppose a gripe with the Phase 3`s (when I was instructing) was not so much that they would want to drive to classroom but the fact that a course of 8+ would bring all of their cars rather than the course sharing lifts with just 1 or 2 cars, then the car parks get full the civvies complain the badge gets p1ssed off and we all start to get some aggro!

If you have a real need to use your car everyday (on and off camp) you have a case but if you dont use it from Sunday night to Friday afternoon then you dont.
Thats a valid enough point i suppose i park on the hockey pitch and your right i use my car about once a week for a tescos run and at the weekend. A valid question and a valid response. I understand parking in this place is a scarce commodity and i'm certain that if it was more widely available then the people in the ivory towers would rethink the rule and allow phase threes maybe some slightly better parking than the phase 2's (after all RHIP) but it isn't and being here for 3 years is worse than being here for 1.

Right now can we have less of these sensible answers please remember this is the royal signals/complain about blandford page.
TECH!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.............quick get the sick bucket!!!
Much better Disco, hold up, you're a mech aint ya. Doesn't that also make you a tech whinger now.
Get a bike, Scalies.

As seen at All Good Mortar Divisions.
Alternatively leave Blandford, go to a field unit, spend most of your time on tour or ex and therefore wondering where to park your car is the least of your worries :)

And yes Civvies will always run the place, the Civil Service is bigger than the Army don't you know :wink:
park your car any where nobody cares , nobody has any legal right to remove your car etc.
at the end of the day,squaddies these days, generally dont do as there told and dont care so why the naff thread?
but , yeah , blandford is bad for it, but hey like i say what do you do?
I live in Blandford Camp in Gunville Down Road (right at the top) I cant park my car outside my place of work, as a result i have to walk a mile to/from work every day, the result? Im now half a stone lighter and my BPFA run time has gone down by 30 seconds!

So stop winging, you overpaid, underworked Tech/fag op/upgrader bitches!
Have you ever thought about getting to work earlier, insted of waiting for the last minute to roll your ass out of bed?

Cheers 2CB
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