Civillian UAV/UAS jobs

I know that UAV operations are expanding rapidly in the civillian sector and that there are career opportunities available to those who have UAV experience. Does anyone have any experience of working with these companies?
I left around 9 months ago and walked straight into a job with BAE Systems in the Autonomous Systems and Future Capability department. Operational experience with UAVs (mine with DH1+ and 3) was valued highly. The company is great to work for; decent wages, always overtime with no pressure, flexi-time sytems, 4 day week, share schemes, cutting edge equipment and tools, training courses, good people to work for, opportunities to deploy to Australia for testing etc.

Any, more specific questions, will do my best to answer
I'm after information on 104 regiment and more specifically 211 battery , I'm already in a reserve unit but I'm drawn to the technology, I think these units will have legs.....or wings! , but it sounds like an interesting role, I'm just wondering what their role is on ops, and exercise, do they work with other units , are they up with the infantry or cavalry to be used as an asset?, Any info would be great , cheers

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