Civillian Companies and the need for "Disaster Recovery

I work for a massive company with its fingers in loads of pies...needless to say with companies still reeling from 9/11 losses ours is rolling out and implementing Disaster Recovery - anyone out there also in IT will vouch for what a pain in the Arrse DR wont work anyway because if you have got old kit and it gets "disastered" and you do the restore onto new kit - the opperating system off the tape back up says - Oi, somethings different - Foxtrot Oscar!!!

So i was told to take a backup of the exchange server and make it work on a new server - NT4 too- and onto different hard ware and told to write a set of instructions for once i did it, 3 months, 7 hrs a day, 5 days a week and ringing microsoft no avail.

I finally asked - excuse me gov'na whats the scenario anyway......


"Nuclear War" - honnest - thats what they based this whole thing on.....i wrote the following as my DR plan - got the idea from that nice booklet distributed by Labour.

"Who Cares. theres no sunlight, no mains electricity, we dont have gereator backup, assuming we survived the effects of the heat and shock, the EMP would have formatted the Tape backups and the Computer hardware - Pretty sure PC world would have closed, and we will all die of starvation and/or Radiation poisoning"

"They" answered - "oh, we never thought about that".


Mr Happy

Disaster Recovery is now called Business Continuity. If you want to be a smartarrse. DR is so un PC now its actually happened...

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