Civillian Clothing Allowance Officers V OR`s

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Acegarp, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. OK What`s the bloody score;

    Working in an enviroment where I am in civvies (Suit) all day every day. Clothing Grant is a measly £89.75 (£53.75 after TAX).
    A. I do wear a suit not just a pair of shoes how the heck does this equate to a years worth of wear and tear!!!
    B. Officers that I work with still get thier clothing maint allowance about £500.00 a year I think and they wear a friggin suit the same as me, am I missing a trick here or am I just bone.

    Seen off by pusser again!!! Just doing my job.

    P.S. Bloody good article written by the dear Mr Clarkson right on the money (forgive the pun) :x
  2. I'll bite..... :lol:

    Officers have their taxable income reduced by a certain amount which is about £300. I don't have my payslips anywhere near me, so I cannot give you the precise figure. As I am a 40% taxpayer, that means that I effectively do not pay tax on that £300. 40% of £300 is £120.

    If I remember, I will key in the correct figures when I am next at home.

    Incidentally, I agree with you about the low level of both this allowance (paid because officers must pay to replace their uniform) and your allowance. It is typical of an organisation that no longer cares about its personnel.

  3. Officers' uniform upkeep allowance (if that is the correct title) is to pay for replacing/maintaining barrack dress, mess dress and SD (No.2 dress to you). It does not cover civilian suits (which officers are just expect to have) that is why ORs get Civilian clothing grants and officers do not.

    Happy now?