Civilization V - Who is the greatest of all time?


To celebrate the launch of Civilization V, all this month Military Times, the military history magazine, is running a debate about Who is the greatest leader of all time.

By voting for your favourite leader of all time you stand to win a copy of Civilization 5 and a bundle of Intel technology to enhance your PC.

Over the next couple of months renown writers and historians will be explaining who they think is the greatest, and why - and they want you to get involved with the debate.

So far they have made the case for Augustus Caesar, Otto von Bismarck and Ramesses II, which you can read online Intel « Military Times

Who is the greatest leader of all time? « Military Times

Alexander the Great ..... no contest!


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Alexander the Great ..... no contest!
Disagree - he did not know when to stop - not the greatest leader going, might go for greatest General but not greatest leader.

I go for Rammesses II who led Egypt for decades and even when he had a very unconvincing win (draw really) at Kadesh, still led the country in one its most peaceful eras.

Great leadership - which is the crition for this competition.


The votes are all in, and the leader who was voted head and shoulders above all others in history was Alexander the Great.

The top five is:
1. Alexander the Great
2. Augustus Caesar
3. Napoleon Bonaparte
4. George Washington
5. Otto Von Bismark

You can read the full article over on Military Times:
Alexander The Great voted No.1 by Military Times readers « Military Times magazine | Military history WW1, WW2 & Modern warfare

What do you think - should Wellington and Genghis Khan been on the list?
Without a doubt Genghis Khan should have been on the list. Due to his leadership for an essentially nomadic race, they (Mongols) dominated China & Central Asia all within Genghis's lifetime. His sons then went on to takeover most of the rest of asia and even got a good way into eastern europe.

In addition to this 1 in 200 (0.5%) of people alive today are direct descendants of him, the chance of this is even higher if you are of European or Asian descent.

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