Civilisation is making humanity less intelligent

"Intelligence and the capacity for abstract thought evolved in our prehistoric ancestors living in Africa between 50,000 and 500,000 years ago, who relied on their wits to build shelters and hunt prey.

But in more civilised times where we no longer need to fight to survive, the selection process which favoured the smartest of our ancestors and weeded out the dullards is no longer in force.

Harmful mutations in our genes which reduce our "higher thinking" ability are therefore passed on through generations and allowed to accumulate, leading to a gradual dwindling of our intelligence as a species, a new study claims."

Civilisation is making humanity less intelligent, study claims - Telegraph

Intelligence degrading mutations passed on through generations and accumulated in horribly shallow gene pools? For some reason Rhyl and Prestatyn spring to mind
To be honest I've always thought this to be the case. The fact we've got so good at fixing people when they've done epically stupid things which should kill them and allowing them to continue their lives and breed probably doesn't do much for the gene pool. I am however aware that if medics didn't fix idiots I'd be dead or at least seriously crippled.


Utter, utter bollocks.

The next half-century will see an increase in intelligence such that we become gods.
This is not true.

Go to the Medway towns, the people who live there are really uncivilised and yet they are all thick as fcuk.

Perhaps it the execption that proves the rule though.
I suppose this explains why you lot don't understand my jokes. :)

(I put the smiley in as a hint.)
We have to give nature the benefit of the doubt, after all it got us all this far without our meddling with it much.

I'm sure that Heroin, Meth, Crack and Krokodil are just three of the new evolutionary tools in nature's toolbox!
We have to give nature the benefit of the doubt, after all it got us all this far without our meddling with it much.

I'm sure that Heroin, Meth, Crack and Krokodil are just three of the new evolutionary tools in nature's toolbox!
I trust you did that on purpose.


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they probably have a point, while we are becoming more technological and pure science is allowed to evolve the bulk of us while tech capable are now mentally and manually inept. similar our physical skills

common sense is certainly being devolved

I think the most truthful scenario of our future is in the film wall-e

that and soylent green :)
'Heroin, meth, and crack, are our main evolutionary tools, and Krocodil. FOUR of our evolutionary tools are Heroin, meth...'
What a load of absolute bollocks.

Here's an equally valid alternative, just off the top of my head.

Civilisation is making us more intelligent but physically weak.

Nature used to cull the physically weak who were unable to hunt, build robust shelters and survive constant fighting with raiders and invaders.

But through developing more complex societies which are mutually supporting the nerds all have a much better chance of surviving and reproducing, which leads to a constant upgrade of human intelligence.

If a Greek tribal leader were to suddenly emerge into our world we'd probably have to chuck the psychotically violent head case straight into Broadmoor.

But now we are led by super clever people using keyboards they can barely lift.
Utter, utter bollocks.[/QUOTE

I would largely agree with that sentiment. Considering how many technological breakthroughs were driven by the two world wars alone.
One caveat though, modern society is increassingly dependant upon technology and we are seeing year on year population increase. I think it could potentially be a house of cards in that respect.
Without wishing to sound like one of those large American types from doomsday preppers, how many people would be able to survive for more than a week if the power suddenly went down? Look at the completely irrational panic that some people displayed when there was a possibility of the fuel tanker drivers going on strike.
Our forebears knew far better how to supplement their diet from local produce, grow vegetables and keep livestock. Many people nowadays associate meat and fresh produce with a sellophane packet on the shelf at Asda or think that clean water magically appears from the kitchen sink and are ignorant and indolent in those regards and know and more worryingly care little outside of whats on Reality TV or in the tabloids or Take a break.
A long time ago I made a joke about the law of the conservation of inteligence. There is only so much too go around and the more there is of us the less per person is available.
No longer sure it was a joke.
On R4 they were talking about payday loans and how protection for the user is required. No it isn't.
If you do not have £100.00 now you will not have £130.00 in a weeks time.
Go without for a week and be OK.

Except for those occasions on which you don't and will.
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