Civilians exercising Household Cavalry horses in London

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Sandbanks, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Several years ago someone told me that it was possible for civilians to help out by exercising the horses in London, after passing an appropriate horsemanship test. Firstly, is this (was this) still the case and, if so, how does one go about getting involved? It's not for me but for my sister - I think my horseriding days are in gradual decline.

    Thanks in advance

  2. There are one or two girls out exercising military horses (at least I think they are military!) who make an early morning jogette through Hyde Park worthwhile.
  3. There are at least 3 riding schools around Hyde Park. I know the owner of one of them and I sure she said years ago she had riden with them, but I don't know if it was on there horses. I'm sure if the officers know a civi rider they might let them ride out one morning but I don't think it's just open to the public.
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    Also if anyone is interested in exercising some muscles on challenger 2's Give me a shout..

    Got 320 B****** Track pads to change !
  5. It certainly used to be possible, don´t know if it still is. However, you can´t just rock up and ask to ride. Generally, you need to make friends with either a member of the riding staff, an officer or a SNCO, in that order. Then you take a riding test given by the Riding Master (nothing complicated, walk, trot and canter under control). Do you know anyone at Knightsbridge? Try offering the CO a new suit.
  6. T1ts uit?
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    12 - 15 years ago I consulted in the smoke and lived during the week in the Victory Services Club just behind Bayswater Road on the north edge of Hyde Park.

    One morning, stood shaving, I heard a clatter outside, had a shufti and found a squadron of HCR dresssed in No 2s out exercising their horses.

    Doesn't really prove or disprove anything, but there it was.
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  8. Yep, still goes on. My girlfriends sister-in-law does it. Don't know how to go about it (and can't be arssed to look) but I'm sure it is worth giving them a buzz or better drop them a line.

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  9. Thanks :roll:
  10. Why is all this horse talk being mentioned on the Armoured Thread :?
  11. Ask a Polish Lancer!
  12. Sorry for taking thread of topic but Tankie2RTR are you "tanknut dave" from the website?
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  14. have vague memory that a WPC I knew at Paddington exercised military horses... i think with kings troop. I may be talking c4ap though.

  15. Yes, civilians can exercise horses with HCav or HDiv in Knightsbridge - however you really need to know someone over there. I made my contacts (with the HDiv CplMaj) through my OH who is serving and currently posted to London. Alternatively if she has any connections to the Civil Service then she may be able to have lessons on HCav horses on an evening. She will have to take a riding test and be prepared to ride at 7am most mornings in full show attire.
    Kings Troop actually advertise lessons for civvies at £35/hr. The horses tend to be better schooled as well.