Civilian Work in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by simon52, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know of a way that I could find work in Afghanistan and make a contribution towards the military effort? I am a civilian, not even ex military. I am an accountant. I have had to close my business due to the recession after 15 years work. I have tried the MOD but could not make much progress. Willing to consider anything but experience of last 30 years is in finance and running a business generally. Any leads would be much appreciated. Was thinking of something at Bastion or Bagram or similar. I am a UK national with full UK passport, have lived in UK from birth.
  2. How good are you at carrying Bergans?
  3. UAE/ Bahrain etc would be a better bet.
  4. I'm sure there's plenty of NGOs offering ( Not very well ) paid work . Though I have no idea how you'd go about trying to join one
  5. Is this some sort of wind-up? Who the f*ck, especially a Civvie would want to go to 'Ghan 'looking for work because they are unemployed here in the UK?

    Mind you, you could always grow a huge Talibandy beard, dress in baggy pants and nightshirt, wear a turban and open a roadside 'Char Wallah' cafe at the side of the road in Kabul......selling tea, coffee, Egg bacon... and 'Bean Rollies' Sheesh!

    Its like some years ago some naive, numtpy American Christians somehow smuggled themselves into Iraq soon after 'Iraqui Freedom' kicked off.... Their excuse given to their families prior to leaving the States was they were looking for work as electricians and and wanted to give out English versions of the Bible.... of course, they were never heard of again...

    Gawd...some people really have 'Stupidity' running through their genes just like Blackpool Rock.... :p
  6. Is that not an urban myth ?

  7. Not that big a stretch of the immagination.
    I know a few people to old, to fat, to knackered to contribute anything via the TA etc that have considered looking for work in Afghanistan.
    Several of them would jump at the chance.
    How many have joined up because of the oppurtunity to go to Afghanistan? That may be a younger (wo)mans game but fat old knackers often have the same interests without the physical abilities.
  8. try the stabilisation unit - think it's part of the cabinet office

  9. I think they were a group of anti war protestors whoe went out there to volunteer as human shields expecting to shield hospitals and orphanages etc. They were a bit put out when the Iraqi's surprisingly stuck them at anti aircraft sites and ministry buildings.
  10. The link for the stabilisation unit is HERE
  11. Google CONDO - Contractors on Deployed Operations - lots of companies employing lots of civvies - even accountants.
  12. Yeah I remember them well . They went to Iraq in a London double decker . Truth had it they genuinely thought they'd be guarding hospitals and schools from the co-al airforce only to find the regime ordered them to barracks . They did a quick about turn back to blighty mumbling that they'd run out of funds and that's why they left

    And of course there was that Christian Peacemaker Team who managed to get themselves kidnapped by insurgents who murdered one of the team while the survivors had to get rescued by the SAS with Sir Mike Jackson making a public statement of how ungreatful they were

    That's why I asked if the bible sellers were an urban myth ? Surely such stupidity would have been heavily publicised ?
  13. If you are genuine, then try looking at the Stabilisation Unit, which is maintaining a register of usefully qualified folk who could help in Afghanistan or around the world. Its early days, but it has potential to make itself into something quite good. They are recruiting at the moment IIRC.
  14. I am 100% genuine. Thanks for the reponse so far esp jim30, ViroBono,Hobo-Ken,Shortarms and Poppy. Have sent you a PM each.