Civilian terror threat graver than WWII - Ian BLiar

Get rid of this English graduate and bring in one of the top guys from the RUC to head the Met. None of this PC junk - just a hardline policemen who knows how to manage armed police
TopBadger said:
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Right... where does this guy get off... how exactly can a terrorist group impose a larger threat than the whole of Nazi Germany armed with tanks, guns, bombs, etc? Millions of people died due to WWII...
I'm with you TopB. He is making it up, aided and abetted by the police after larger budgets and more interesting career opportunities that involve international travel and everything but looking after real, boring day-to-day crime on city streets.

If they want to stop real mass murder in the UK - ban all road transport and have people walk :D
Civilians are facing a "far graver" threat now than they did in the Second World War
I'd have to check the casualty figures for the Blitz in Coventry, Birmingham, Liverpool, Swansea, Southampton, Exeter, etc. etc. to be sure but I think he may be a bit wide of the mark.

If you then introduce the international dimension - I'd have to look at figures for those killed by bombing in Berlin, the Ruhr, etc, Hiroshima, Nagasaki . . . .

f*ckin blimp.

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