Civilian terror threat graver than WWII - Ian BLiar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopBadger, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Link here:

    Right... where does this guy get off... how exactly can a terrorist group impose a larger threat than the whole of Nazi Germany armed with tanks, guns, bombs, etc? Millions of people died due to WWII... how is Jonny Terrorist going to polish off the entire population of GB exactly?

    IRA was a lesser threat... but still got 3,500 according to:

    Absolute scare mongering, and at Christmas aswell... makes my blood boil!

    If its ok by Sir Ian i'll remain more concerned about being stabbed by some lunatic the government let out of Jail by mistake and hasn't been able to find since.

    In the meantime i'd appreciate it if he could stop reporting his opinions as facts and shove them up his arrse instead.

    Rant over.

  2. He also claimed the history of a christmas market which was targeted in Germany...... Funny that I always thought Strasbourg was in France. Maybe his geography isn't up to scratch!
  3. It's worse than that, it's their policy to let them out.

    Agreed that both Bliars are scaremongering.
  4. Utter wretch. End of dit.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It is normal human nature to think that what they are dealing with today is worse than went before. A few well chosen "in my day...." stories normally bring back a sense of proportion to the argument.

    However, this is what I would expect underlings to come out with.

    For the individual who is supposed to be leading the fight against the current threat to be sucked into thinking it is actually true means he shouldn't be leading us.
  6. For me the other question is how do we get rid of leaders that continually sprout tosh? How do these idiots get into power and how can we get them sacked?

  7. I don't think that we can compare WWII and AQ. The Germans were an army fought by other armies. We know how to do that. I think what he's geting at is the whole "We can't use the army to smash AQ becuase we don't even know who they are" thing, and that it will be a while befor we can come up with a half decent way of stopping them.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting Blair or the Nazis, I just think that's what he was banging on about.

    T C
  8. Even then how are AQ a greater level of threat??

    If Nazi Germany on your doorstep is threat level 10, then a few blokes with a rucksac is level 11 is it? I hope these people are fit, it's going to take a lot of big rucksacs to effect greater damage on the civilian populus of the east end of london than the germans managed... let alone the rest of UK.

    You're absolutely right we can't compare WWII and AQ, my blood boils that Sir Ian is even attempting it!!

    [edited for mong grammer]
  9. I agree. It's utter madness. The old system was more credible. My partner who works in Parliament says they have the security level on maximum most of the time - whereas when the IRA bombing were at their hight in London, the security alert level was usually Alpha Black or Amber. Talk about exagerating. I'm afraid the effect of all this crying wolf is to undermine the credibility of the police and security services. One day a real emergency will arrive when people really do need to heed the warnings, and of course the public will have become so cynical it will have no effect. Then they'll be massive loss of life and real costs to both our hard won freedoms and damage to the democratic political infrastructure, which, whatever you may think about it with all its imperfections, is preferable to the alternatives. These are highly undesirable outcomes.
  10. Hundreds of thousands?? Hardly.

    Besides, if thats what he meant then thats what he should have said. He explicitly states the risk to human lives, and that simply doesn't compare at all.
  11. How does

    equate to

    I know I are onlee Infantree , but my matematiks is not that bad.
  12. Maybe he is secretly fantasising over a return to the golden days before 1919. Kaiser Bill's Germany inherited Alsace-Lorraine from Prussia (nicked off the French in 1871).
  13. They just haven't a clue. They are bureaucrats and slothful so they have to make out the individual has superhuman powers rather than admit we have a deadbeat bureaucracy and randomised killers.

    The logic of what they say on terror is that you profile and screen those elements of the population that pose a threat - but they don't dare admit that which is why they are so confused.

    The simple fact is they have not a clue. Enoch Powell spoke Urdu but I bet few MPs do today. They outsourced Arabic translations to N Africa. MI5 had lobbied Major to let them play policemen and look after they never stumbled on anyone from Pakistan or funding Arab terrorism who dealt in drugs though.

    They are riding this terrorism horse for self-importance and status but they fail on performance. We fight such a "critical" war but society makes no sacrifices apart from civil liberties - we see no boost in spending on the Army or Police - West Yorkshire sends bombers to London and London sends Somalki gangsters to West Yorkshire but the police budget is cut and 200 policemen are slated to go.

    So how valid is a War on Terror when hotspots like Bradford and Dewsbury lose police resources which spend £1m/yr on translators, another £1 million on security at Leeds/Bfd Airport; and yet face a £7 million budget cut ?

    The whole thing is a game
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Dear Sir,

    Have any of your readers noticed the remarkable similarity between the twaddle spoken by Bliar (sic) and the twaddle spoken by The Other Blair about threats to our society?

    Are they in some way related? I think we should be told.

    MiB (With apologies to Private Eye)