Civilian Solicitor In Court Martial?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ultirian, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. With reference to this post bit of ad-vice?

    I was just wondering am I allowed to have a civilian solicitor to represent me in mili-tary court. Would it effect what would happen to me? I have come back to barracks for about a month now and I still do not know what is going to happen and what is going on. The company Clark has took a particular disliking to me for some unknown reason. (I have not provoked anything, hay maybe it’s just my big nose?)

    There have been no records for me and they have to build them all from scratch I hear, but then again I get told so many different things on a day to day basis that I am confused and now getting really frustrated.

    I have been away from the army for 4 and a half years and everyone expects me to cut about knowing exactly what im doing and where im supposed to be going! but I cant even find a standing order that applies to me! not to mention that they expect me to buy flashes for my uniform, get rank slides, stable belts and other bits and bobs from my own cash? They pay me 150 poudns every two weeks in cash that’s a given but every time I go into the company Clarks office he is saying that I shouldnt be paid after being awol for 4 and a half years!

    I do think that he is right in some sense but then again if I had known that I would be floating about for a couple of months not paid properly and expected to buy things I would have come better prepared for the flack that would come.

    Just everyone is being so double barrelled and vague it’s driving me up the wall.

    Does anyone have any links that would give me a shot at working out what is what? any help would be greatly appreciated as I have so much frustration right now I am about to plant my head through a window.
  2. Stand by for a slagging....
  3. I would liken your post on here, to walking into a Lion's Den bleeding.

    But to answer your question, yes you will be entitled to a civilian lawyer. I would get one now.
  4. Rank slides - are you having a giraffe mate?

  5. Hang on a moment....

    I've just re-read your post (I know, I'm a glutton for punishment).

    You are being paid £150 per fortnight cash. You can't afford to get rank slides/TRFs/Stable Belt etc.

    How on earth are you going to pay a solicitor?

    Oh, got it. You're going to get ME to pay for it, and claim Legal Aid.

    One word. C0CK!
  6. I have been away from the army for 4 and a half years??????

    I would have thought you wouldnt have had much respect for Civy solicitors if you got 4 1/2 years

    HA! HA!
  7. Why would you want a lawyer regardless whether civy or military? You handed yourself in as a guilty fatherless, didn't you?

    Taxi for one plus escort to Coly me thinks!
  8. Legs: thanks for the undertones there I wonder how many peoples Legal aid I have paid for through all my working life (Including the 4.5 years awol) as I did work as you dont subside living off the goverment tip (No I didnt claim from the goverment) so fcuk off ive paid enough tax for one shot at legal aid.

    as for the 150 quid expecting to carry me through rank slides and all that. 130 of it belongs to bank/phone company oh and also all the other things like life insurance! that sort of adds up no?

    Im fully aware that I will be doing some time in colly, thats fine by me and I will be soldiering on to. isnt that something so that legal aid I will be using WILL be paid back in the years that I have remaining in the army.

    and yes One flew over, we have to have rank slides, even as a private :/
  9. I've paid insurance for years and years. Does that mean I should make a claim just to recoupe what I've spent? Does it hell - it would be dishonourable.

    Why should I pay for YOU to have Legal Aid after you fukced off AWOL for 4 1/2 years? You left your colleagues in the lurch and have caused extra work for many people. I don't give a flying fig-leaf if you worked (bet it was cash in hand as well, so no tax paid - don't even bother denying it!)

    Do you really expect to soldier on? I hope they kick your sorry backside out after you have done your time.

    I'm sorry (well, no I'm not actually) but you deserve all you get. I really don't know how having a solicitor (paid for by me) is going to help you get off an AWOL charge.
  10. Are you not reading me properly or something? Maybe you should read a little bit more carefully between the lines before shooting your mouth off.

    How the hell is he going to help me get of an AWOL charge anyway? I just want the right representation.

    also yes I do deserve all I get, but then to be expected to turn up and work every day I am here as I don’t just sit on my ass all day I am cutting about doing whatever is re-quired of me.

    As for being cash paid. No it all went through the bank through bacs, want to see my payslips? Leading to the obvious question in a whining voice "how did you work and be AWOL? How did you not get caught?" I don’t know is the answer but I do have payslips to show and stick up your a$$ if you like?

    It amazes me how you ask for advice and you get a flame out. You express your opin-ion hot shot. brill.
  11. If i was you ,I would do every thing the army asks of you .

    you say you are getting £150 every two weeks ,It dont cost much to buy flashes for your uniform, rank slides, stable belts and other bits and bobs from your own cash.

    You state you have been AWOL for four and half years ,Well may be you should be writing down what you have been up to and the reason you decided to leave everyone in the lurch .

    To be honest you should be deeply ashamed of yourself asking for a civi lawyer and having your legal fee's paid by legal aid

  12. .......................
  13. Why bother with a civvy lawyer?
    wouldn't it be much simpler to take the Army's rep, take what they dish out, then crack on with your life, wherther you soldier on is a different ball game, I would suspect that a DD would be on the cards.
    Just get it over with.
  14. Shoulder titles mate not rank slides. You did eff off during the busiest time for us for some years so expect a little on here, I don't know the circumstances but .....

    You did get the advice first up.

    By the sound of your tone you have fronted up, willing to do the time and then soldier on. Good luck to you but FFS if this getting your goat you need to expect it...... :wink:
  15. You don't deny that you were AWOL, so why do you need a solicitor, military or otherwise.

    Plead guilty, be a man and accept the punishment, then fcuk off and stop contaminating the decent people in this forum. :evil: