Civilian Service Medal (Afghanistan)


has anybody got this medal yet ? ,i know a couple of guys that have the paper work in and have been told to wait out.has anybody any clue to what colour the ribbon will on this medal ?


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I thought a stamp in your passport would have done the job just as well for being Inside da wire !!! :0)

The last time I checked the Mai Thai Restaurant, Namaste Indian, The Gandamak, Spinneys and Finest supermarket were well outside the wire deep in Taliban country ; )


Do you know if the old bill, who are attached to EUPOL, qualify for the medal, or is that deemed an 'international organisation' under the exempt section?


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Medals will be dished out from the 3 May after the official presentation at the FCO, if you have the IRSM and the CSM(A) the ribbons together look like this.........


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