Civilian Service Medal (Afghanistan)

Discussion in 'Medals' started by afghanman, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Civilian Service Medal to recognise efforts in Afghanistan

    For those serving Military and ex Military who have worked in support of the FCO in the British Embassy in Kabul or its' outposts.

    According to the press release the first issue will be in September 2011 which marks the 10th anniversary of the Embassy re-opening.
  2. Just out of intrest do DSG workers get the OSM, seen as they work for the MOD?
  3. has anybody got this medal yet ? ,i know a couple of guys that have the paper work in and have been told to wait out.has anybody any clue to what colour the ribbon will on this medal ?
  4. The ribbon on the CSMA HAS The central green stripe represents the green zone and the thin grey stripes signify the shadow of the Hindu Kush

    Civilian Service Medal (Afghanistan)
  5. The IRSM has thin Blue stripes dont know what they signify ?
  6. Blue for the waters around Basra and the Tigris running through the country isn't it ?
  7. yellow is for the sand ??????? but the green on the IRSM ? you could be right about the blue ! dont know
  8. Around the waterways there is plenty of beautiful green farmland isn't there ? Well, there used to be anyway !
  9. Had email from this morning. First batch went to Mint two weeks ago...
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    I thought a stamp in your passport would have done the job just as well for being Inside da wire !!! :0)
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  11. The last time I checked the Mai Thai Restaurant, Namaste Indian, The Gandamak, Spinneys and Finest supermarket were well outside the wire deep in Taliban country ; )
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