Civilian rescue helicopter?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by johnboyzzz, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Minsiters have finally agreed to listen to demands from mountain rescue teams that a civilian helicopter be based in Fort William to help stricken climbers.

    Fergus Ewing, the Community Safety Minister, is convening a meeting to discuss the possibility of a feasibility study into what would be a new concept for Scotland, although common across continental Europe............

    More here
  2. Probably because the Rescue wokka at Lossiemouth will be going when they close the base to pay for operation in the Stan!
  3. Hurrah! Now they can pull the Sea Kings out of Lossie and Prestwick, and close them both.

    I just hope Fergus can find the money from the Scottish Parliament, and not try getting the money from Central Government.
  4. They will kep Lossie but close Kinross
  5. I thought this was going to be someone asking if the pilot of a rescue helicopter that flew over them at 15:30 with a white anti collision light, was a member of arrse. Thankfully not.
  6. My bold... Is this a real job?
  7. Kinross? The services on the M90?

    Or Kinloss? Home of the Nimrod.
  8. :oops: damned fingers they both make rotten dinners

  9. Not according to my boss at Lossie...already looking at being wound up and disbanded :(

    Local radio station, Moray, also mentioned it today :(