Civilian Qualifications for Service Firefighters.

During Fresco 1 (as Fresco 2 seems imminent and we should number and order these things) we were told that our firefighting training would lead to a civilian qualification. It was only to be an NVQ level 3 or something but it was going to be there.

It, quite blatantly, never materialised. Does anyone know about this and whether or not we will ever get it? I enjoyed the last strikes, truly, and look forward to racing about like a loon again, looking pathetic with equipment that didn't work, ladders with missing rungs, hoses dating back to 1957, vehicles with a top speed of 40mph. I just think we should get something out of it. There's no way we'll get more money but a little qualification looks good on a CV and aids retention.

I might be being naive though. It is possible.
Yep and the truck is just over that hill..... and the cheque is in the post

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