Civilian qualifications for military medics

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by julietbravo, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a Royal Marine and starting Medical Assistant training in 2007. Will I be able to qualify as a civilian paramedic?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    Juliet Bravo
  2. If it is a similar qualification as a CMT, No, the military training given is not recognised by the NHS. The experience i'm sure will be valueable but from working with the NHS ambulance service, and knowing people who have tried to come into it from the Army (after being CMT's) they will have to undergo the NHS paramedic science degree like all civilians.
    But i'm unsure as to what a medical assistant is, but from what I know in the civi world only medicine, nursing, dentist, OPD etc (national quals) are recognised by the NHS.
  3. Do you wear your underpants outside your trousers? NO! then your chances of meeting the rquired criteria and then being funded by the DR'centric RAMC are relatively nil. We need GDGPs and we are prepared to pay £50,000 to get then and then retain then at usually the band one above their held rank.

    Plan is for a few Paramedics,;qualification (in my cynical world) ensures quick tour followed by posting to wherever will have them ( CG compliance). Followed by quick tour then run out of competencies; because we've spent all our money on DRs.

    Oh and Mafia, why are certain APHCS regions spending money on sending Civvy staff on 'Adventure Trg'?

    Back up generators would be a good start; it would save the loss of £1000's each time thee is a power cut.
  4. The NHS has got nothing to do with the Paramedic Qualification. It is the Health Professions council in league with the British Paramedic Assoc. who lay out the rules. When the HPC closed the doors recently to grandparenting rights the majority of NHS Paramedics were still not registered. So many of them cant actualy call themselves a Paramedic.

    Many Medics out there in all three services can prove they have learnt enough and are familiar with the JRCALC guidelines and could probably still gain acreditation, unless im very much mistaken.

    The Paramedical Sceince Degree as a bench mark is a while off as a national standard.

    As for Royals question about acreditation post his MA's Cse, sorry mate but its only a starting block, youve got to go and put it into practice before you can start looking at Registration.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Good answer
  6. What's the state of play with the plan to introduce Physician Assistants? Haven't heard anything for a few years.
  7. Hey guys what about all the Dentists that the SG pays for as well AND the golden hello's of 50K
  8. And what the Feck has that got to do with Royals quest for state registration?
  9. The PA is very common in the US and was looked at here as a means of paramedic progression. Rather than follow this route, the Health Professions Council and the British Paramedic Association have chosen to go with a graded system linked to road time and education as follows;

    Paramedic grade 1 - Entry level paramedic (Amb Tech)

    Paramedic grade 2 - State Registered Paramedic

    Paramedic grade 3 - Paramedic Practitioner (Hons Degree educated)

    Paramedic grade 4 - Advanced Paramedic Practitioner (masters degree educated)

    Paramedic grade 5 - Consultant Paramedic

    The RAMC really needs to be looking at aligning itself with this system rather than flogging the PA horse any longer, but I guess they are taking one step at a time and trying to sort out the issues highlighted by Karabiner first. Feel free to check out the BPA website for more... or page 6 of this document...
  10. I think you'll find the Physician Assistant role is very much alive and kicking - see the attached link

    Just wondered whether the RAMC was still developing this role.
  11. I'm sure it is, ( I can't get that link to work), recent trials of the PA in the UK have seen the NHS try to push it more towards Nurse Practioners due to their capacity to prescribe autonimously, not something that I necessarily agree with, but hey ho. If there is now an established framework for Paramedic progression in the UK, then it seems only logical that if the RAMC are creating Paramedics, then they should do so with the National system in mind. Trying to do things our own way just won't wash anymore, Clinical Governance and CPD have seen to that (about time too). :D
  12. Question?
    I am an Australian Defence Force Medic, and I am after some basic curriculum information regarding the CMT training.
    I have been asked to follow up an applicants request for RPL towards our tri-Service Medic training from an old British CMT and would like to know how I can get my hands on a CMT curriculum so I can map the two courses to make sure he recieves all possible recognition for our course.
    Require information ASAP must provide info to boss.
    Please email any info to ASAP.
  13. I wonder why? could it be that the criteria for consideration for selection are so feckin strict? Really; a distinction on the Class1, clean driving license, no debt and sundry other unrealistic requirements. Its almost as if it has been designed to fail..........after all, CMTs are not the most retiring of wall flowers are they.

    Your severly limiting your pool of potential candidates with just that first requirement. Some people are absolutely fantastic hands on Medics yet occasionally err when it comes to written exams.

    To summise its not that CMTs don't want to apply; more like you have ensured that the majority CAN'T apply.
  14. Not quite right, when closure of title occurred many of the Ambulance Trusts actually paid for the first years registration with the HPC (about 4-5 years ago now IIRC).

    Grandfathering rights ceased earlier this year, any paramedics not registered by then would have been out of a job for about two years. I think there was one out of the 1000+ paramedics in our Trust. The majority of paramedics however, are not with the BPA, there is no statutory requirement to belong to their association.

    If my memory serves me right the paramedic qualification was developed by the NHSTD and then later the IHCD, completing an IHCD recognised paramedic course is still the most common way to gain registration with the HPC. As you quite rightly state the Degree course whilst being the future, is not the way the majority gain their registration (yet).

    To the original poster, now the ability to 'Grandfather' has passed you would have to start either as a Direct Entry Technician and progress, or aim for a place on a University course. You can get in at the very bottom in either Control or as Patient Transport, but the poor wages rule this out for most adults.

    The good news is that with your previous experience you will be at an advantage over the fresh faced school leavers.

    Good luck!