Civilian qualifications and my application.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Rutts, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, I'd been thinking about joining the army recently but decided based off my school results to possibly get a degree and definately do a part time apprenticeship as a vehicle mechanic. I was hoping to join as an armoured engineer but will take anything in the RE. The problem is I was wondering if the whole mechanic thing would commit me to doing it in the army as I am trying to avoid REME like the plague (no offense intended).
  2. You won't get pushed into a job just because you've done a bit before, unless your recruiter's a top notch cnut
  3. Odds of a recruiter being proficient in said field?
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  4. Your recruiter is unlikely to force you to into a particular job you don't want to do. Although if you don't like the idea of being a mechanic why are you doing an apprenticeship as one? If you just really want to be a sapper but like mechanical stuff, being a fitter might be a good option for you.
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  5. I like the idea of doing the mechanic apprenticeship part time as I am into bikes and bike racing and also want to get a trade under my belt, its also something to get me a bit of cash and keep me occupied while I do this 3 year degree that I have no desire to do. I'm not interested in doing it in the army. I'm more interested in being a combat engineer. Preferably armoured or a fitter.
  6. A trade qualification with no work experience? Good luck with that.

    A degree you dont want to do based on school results? Did you do A levels?

    Sounds a bit Mr Ben to me

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  7. Sounds like you misinterpreted what I said, I'll be doing a civilian mechanic apprenticeship on bikes and cars (possibly lorries too) then joining the army. My initial question was whether that qualification would confine me to that same trade in the army as I do not want to do that in the army. Evidently it won't. And I did the Irish leaving certificate, as I am Irish.
    Edit to say: thanks for the help
  8. Why on earth are you doing a degree you actually don't want to do? Do you just want to saddle yourself with a load of debt, be threaders for 3 years, get a shit result as you've actually had no interest in the degree as haven't put any effort into so you've completely wasted your money? Strange. If you don't want to do a degree, don't do it. Do something you actually want to do.
  9. Hes a mick,
    say no more
  10. Because my parents put a lot of hard work into getting me the education I got and I promised them I wouldn't waste it, my university fees are covered by govt. grants and my college fund which has been built up over the years. It's a history degree, I'm good at history so will do grand, also while I said I've no interest in it I didn't say I wasnt going to work my arse off at it.

    Shock horror, a Brit going at me for being Irish.
  11. Part time apprenticeship?

    An Irish apprenticeship takes 4 years full time!
  12. I knew as much, theres so much to know nowadays especially as its all getting more and more computerised. Im doing it not to make a career of it, it's more of a personal interest which I can make a bit of money off. I'd hoped to pack up this degree (UCD arts history and politics) and join up before I turn 22 (18 now)

    Edit to add: I realise there is no way I'd be certified by the time I apply, as such this thread has been a useless waste of your time sorry but thanks for replies and advice nonetheless ill see myself to the door.
  13. Eh if it's an apprenticeship, its 4 years fulltime (including on the job training and college) or it isn't an apprenticeship (its been like that for at least 15 years).

    There is no such thing as a part-time apprenticeship!
  14. I like history too but I wouldn't do a degree in it as the jobs in the field are rather limited. You will just be another grad with a BA, even if you get a first. Your parents money would be better invested in you doing a degree where you are going to get a job with your qualification.

    You do need to think carefully about your degree subject because when it comes to your third year and you need to pick your dissertation subject, if you are bored with the whole thing, you won't put the work in required, not get a decent mark for your dissertation (which does make a massive difference to your grade, my mark upp'd me from a 2:1 to a decent first) and the whole 3 years would have been a waste of time.
  15. Good luck to you. UCD is a good uni.

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