Civilian Mastiff Operators

Hi, I posted this in a the jobs forum initially but there was no response so I figured you guys were the ones to ask. I recently left the military where I was trained as a driver on Mastiff among other vehicles. On my last herrick (2008) the mastiff we took over were being driven by civilans working under contract. They wore military uniform, were given military ranks and were expected to behave as if they were military (the ones I met were indeed ex-military) but they were not governed by military law; just their contract.
These guys were paid big bucks to do essentially the same job I was doing and worked year long stints with r&r at various points much like other civilan contractors. Does anyone know anything about the company involved and if those emploment opportunities are still there?
Are you sure they weren't TA Mastiff instructors on FTRS/Mobilised service?

If so and you've been out less than 3 years contact your local RLC TA unit, you should be able to rejoin as TA with your previous rank and seniority (provided they have a suitable vacancy in their establishment) and then apply to become a Jackal/Mastiff/Coyote/etc.. instructor at DST.
Actually I think they had something to do with the company that provides tank transporters. Not my area but according to hese guys, the transporters are provided by contract rather than being an in-house bit of kit. Mastiff (or at least the drivers) were provided on the same lines. I know Force Protection manufacture the wagons and they have guys in the repair bays but this was a British company.
Thanks for the tip regarding instructing at DST. I left without substantial rank however and I believe you have to be at least a corporal to instruct.

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