Civilian Mastiff Operators

Hi, I recently left the military where I was trained on Mastiff among other vehicles. On my last herrick (2008) the mastiff we took over were initially driven by civilans working under contract. They wore military uniform, were given military ranks and were expected to behave as if they were military (the ones I met were indeed ex-military) but they were not governed by military law just their contract.
These guys were paid big bucks to do essentially the same job I was doing and worked year long stints with r&r at various points much like other civilan contractors. Does anyone know anything about the company involved and if those emploment opportunities are still there?
There are FTRS Home Only contract people, who instruct on various UOR vehicles. They were uniform with rank, but have no entitlements to medical, dental, housing or allowances etc. So basically a civi in uniform. Not sure if they are still recruiting people into these posts at the moment.
I suspect they were probably Sponsored Reserves - Clicky

As far as I know from the time the HET contract was put out, so some time ago, whilst they are deployed they are subject to military law. Am happy to be corrected though.


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