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Can any one give me some advice? My OH is due to be posted to Germany next year. I currently work as a sub editor, so my skills are in the English language. Does anyone know if there are job opportunities for someone like myself in Germany?

I wouldn't mind joining the civil service, doing something vaguely related to my career in Germany, so I could progress in the civil service back in the UK when and if he returns to the UK. Is this possible?

Any advice from anyone who knows about this or has been in a similar situation would be appreciated.

Have you tried here:
Don't know about joining the civil service in Germany but can't really see that happening. Best o luck


PP - you will be hard pressed to get any decent job within the Mil enviroment.

If you are looking outside and in the German net so to speak, you really need to speak German. I know cos I work in Germany.

However dependant where you are...if there is an airport near where you will be...there are always lots of jobs in Logistics and english is the primary language.
If you can get your foot in the door so to can lead to a decent career...however although you would probably start at the bottom of the food chain, the business is such that promotions come pretty quick, especially if you can get into a larger company, and you're a bit switched on :D

But be prepared for a pay shock...Germany does not pay well until you move up the ladder.
There are quite a lot of civvi jobs, but the pay is pretty appalling (clerical posts, PA jobs with HQs, welfare agencies etc - 150 euro/week). Media wise you could try BFBS or Sixth Sense (forces newspaper).

The civil service jobs fall into 2 categories; locally recruited (s**t pay) or regular positions. The regular positions are very hard to get and are usually filled by those transferring from the UK. However, they come with some big perks (free housing & utilities, overseas living allowance).

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