Civilian helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Papa Smurf, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Crap landing.
  2. I think the word "crash" in the title was the clue:)
  3. Looks like settling with power to me , they appear to have the crew out but no one cut the engine !
  4. They should have fired the fire extinguisher into the air intakes.
  5. They might have hovered for too long, it can create a torus around the helicopter and you run out of air in the middle to keep passing over the blades.

    Then you drop out of the sky.

  6. See post 4 , Helicopter Aviation
  7. Wow, you learn so much on this website................ :silent:
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  8. I know **** all about helicopters as I dont fly them, I just knew they could drop out of the sky but didnt know the name for it.
  9. Wings faster than airframe. All wrong.
  10. Reading that reminds me of why I never applied for helicopter training...I think too ******* thick sums it up.

  11. I`m far from being an academic but I still got my license, it`s the old story , if you want something bad enough you will get it.
  12. Was one of ours over two years ago now. None of the crew have flown since due to severity of the injuries received, but they all got out alive which is the main thing!
  13. One of ours as in RAF?? looked like a Mi-17 to me.
  14. Well I genuinely envy you, my time is long past for that sort of thing, but as a young chap in the middle east there was a trawl out for young thrusters for a job as observers in the scout-sioux type and if you showed any sort of aptitude or promise it would have put you on the first step to applying for training,well I never bothered owing to the fact that I needed all my time for tanning on the beach and the loony, always regretted that.