Civilian FAW instructor

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by merlin162, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. How can/do you qualify through the system as a First Aid at Work Instructor?
  2. Don't know if you can do it through the Army unless you are a civvy employed by the Army...Go Figure. Or possibly the only squaddie surrounded by MOD Employees who don't want to do it!!

    I stand by to be corrected!

    Think you can do it through this company using your annual education allowance and possibly a bit of your own cash too have a read mate.
  3. Cheers for that, though i'm interested to know how the STT instructorsgot qualled!
  4. It's also their civvy job, well a certain SSgt & Capt.
  5. STT :?:
  6. Some of the RTC's run FAW courses as part of there training program, that are open to all Military staff. 15, 49, 143 and 160 all have course dates on ArmyNet
  7. Cheers Baldrick, but was after the Instructor Qual....

    FF Cheers for the gen on that one, must get down soon and ask how they got qualled civi wise. Apparently we all get the education money, not just regs!

    Priam, STT = Brigade Specialist Training Team.
  8. Merlin

    As long as you have a current FAAW Certificate and a recognised teaching qualification you can teach FAAW. The big problem is being able to award the qualification, this can only be done by a recognised centre such as an RTC and regular assessments are carried out by the awarding body on the instruction given, to ensure it meets the required standard.
  9. Baldrick,

    Als Klar! Think I may have to go the civi route as i'm looking for something to help with a career change!
  10. Merlin,

    The recognised teaching qualification that baldrick is on about is about to change apparently, new legislation comes in this year, not sure of detail but it used to be (and I think, currently is) a Gity and Guilds 7302? ( bit pished at min) for teaching adults as a minimum. I believe it changes later this year to something else. Research it before you fork out cash mate!

  11. Priam,

    Will do matey, thanks for the heads up!
  12. Just saw this post, I am a FAW instructor,

    Currently you need a formal adult instruction type qual of which the 7302 is minimum. If thats not the case the HSE will allow you to do so under another companies HSE approval so long as that company inducts you formally on how to deliver the course and that your knowledge is up to speed.

    Be advised however that it is a flooded market and all you will hear over and over and over again from any clients you chase is "we use St. Johns" or "we're using the Red Cross".

    The number of times Ive been asked by people on my courses "So you how long have you worked for St. John..."

    Does my head in.