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I am going through the recruitment process at the moment, but have hit a snag with a past medical problem. I am hoping to join as an Ammo Tech, or possibly RE EOD or Search. However, if I am prevented from joining by a previous condition I would still like to work in the EOD/ Search field. Are there any civilian companies who provide training, as all the ones I have found seem to want previous military EOD experience? I would be happy working in the UK or overseas, paid or for a charity (landmine clearance maybe?)

Also, what level of security clearance do RE EOD and Search require? I know Ammo Tech is DV.

Nearly everyone working in the EOD business has some sort of military or police experience.

There are many companies who will happily take your money and give you qualifications - IMAS being the one most valuable and widely recognised. Without experience to back it up, you are unlikely to gain meaningful employment even in the voluntary sector. The bottom line is that there are some very experienced guys with pensions and possibly years of earning good money who want to just do some good and keep busy.

Not sure why you would be interested in security clearances anyway - not relevant to you, so not answering that! Security is not a dirty word Blackadder...
I'd think that with careers like bomb disposal, flying commercial aircraft and operating nuclear reactors fast tracking is probably not the best of ideas.
Thanks for the replies. I originally had my heart set on the Army, Ammo Tech my first choice, as a career for the next 20 years. But if the medical side of things rules that out a back up plan in the civvy world wouldn't go amiss. Unfortunately it seems you need many years of military/ police experience first, which I may not be able to get. Obviously I wan't expecting to just stroll into a civvy EOD role, but I thought there might be roles where you could start at the bottom and gradually work your way up over the years.

Herrumph- nothing sinister about the clearance question, I was curious as I've heard of quite a few people failing the DV- one poster on Arrse as he had Chinese parents. Apart from criminal convictions or terrorist associations (neither of which I have), and lying, I don't know what else you could fail on. But they must have their criteria, and no harm in having a back-up plan for that as well! Haha I sound so paranoid. :oops: But just trying to be prepared.

So it's back to keeping fingers crossed for the medical for now. And then finding a different career if it's a no.
I'll train you.....................................................

You'll just need to join the Afghan Army or Police first, don't think they'll mind about previous medical history.
You won't have to pay them much.
Theres a short course taught in Southern Ireland for those inexperienced people who wish to obtain employment in the EOD field. It's a very short course and involves very little in the way of studying or equipment, but gaining the nessesary experience. Firstly for health and safety reasons and ear protection. Place both left and right index fingers in corresponding left and right ears, then extend your left foot towards the ground in front of you in a smart soldier like manner and place your foot firmly down repeatedly in an extended stamping manner, sweeping said foot in both right and left directions for a 180 degree arc stamping every 40cm or so without leaving gaps between stamps, once the arc of stamping has been achieved without incident move in a forward direction one pace repeat the process until something happens or the given area has been stamped.
That will be £5000.00 please, I didnt say it would be cheap!
It also doesn't say anything about them being female.

You'll wake up in a Games Workshop.


Kit Reviewer
But they are white.

(Apparently that makes all the difference in Islam.)
These are local to me...what a fun job to have..!! Aardvark Landmine Clearance
Ah, the Aardvark mine relocation system!

Not as good as suggested on constant bellows type AP mines in sand or soft ground. If it doesn't smash them it has a tendancy to flick them up into the air, often landing in the previously cleared area.

At least one operator lost a foot in Kuwait through just such an incident.
Not to mention that it completly destroys the top soil. One good rain storm or high winds and field is fucked.
My medical appeal was successful :) and I should get to ADSC sometime in Feb. So I still have a shot at Army Ammo Tech, but thanks to everyone for your replies.

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