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Civilian EOD/Demining Opportunity in Iraq

Just sent this from Minetech if anybody is interested:

Sector: Commercial oil and gas

Contract: 1 March – 31 August 2011

Location: Iraq

Requirement: Operations Managers and Technical Field Managers

Job Role: We’re currently looking for Operations Managers and Technical Field Managers to work in Iraq on survey and clearance tasks

Operations Managers will be responsible for managing teams of Technical Field Managers and must have strong communication, planning and report writing skills.

Technical Field Managers will be tasked with conducting refresher training and managing multiple teams of local nationals on various survey/BAC and demining tasks. PSD support will be provided.

A competitive daily rate will be offered for the duration of the contract including travel and R&R days. Personal Accident insurance and full life and mission support is offered including all mobilisation, demobilisation and R&R flights.

Experience/ All fieldstaff will require the following:


· A thorough knowledge of IMAS and a minimum EOD Level 3 operator

· Physically fit and able to work in a hot and testing environment

· Previous experience of managing and tasking local national teams is essential

· Culturally sensitive

If you or any of your contacts are interested in these opportunities please forward your CV to me immediately and I will inform our manpower provider, ELG FZE, of the outcome accordingly.


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