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I am a 10 year serving Cpl and i am thinking of getting out at my 12 year point and am asking if anyone can assist me on what are the best courses to do prior to getting out. Im maybe thinking about working on the oil rigs as one option im also qualified as a Landing Pont Commander and was wondering if i could put that to good use?
Cpl with whom doing what?
If your intending to leave my advice made purely from this post is that you need to communicate better, civi employers will not get back to you to ask questions you should have already answered.
If your happy working on the rigs then use your learning credits for your offshore survival etc.

I've got a few mates making a fortune offshore and wished I'd spent mine on those type of courses. If you have to course under your belt your greatly increasing your chances of getting out there.


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I am a 10 year serving Cpl and i am thinking of getting out at my 12 year point...
Look before you leap. There is already a lot of unemployment in the civilian jobs market. Europe looks like it is tipping back into recession again so that situation is only going to get worse. There are jobs out there, but you need to research the jobs market carefully before you decide to leave. There is no point in doing the resettlement course and getting out if there aren't jobs you have a good chance of getting.

I don't know much about the oil industry - only that it provides a source of highly paid manual jobs. As such the competition for those jobs will be high. In addition North Sea oil is in decline and over the next 10 - 20 years the number of available jobs will shrink.

Have a look at the Reed website:

More jobs, more choice at, the UK

Type 'oil' into the search box and you'll get an idea of the UK based jobs associated with the oil industry, what the required qualifications are and what the pay is. It'll give you a starting point for further research.


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