Civilian DIT/ BIT course for teaching the Military

Im 23 and Ive just recently been employed by a civilain company who will be providing the logistical support and training to a SME in the south, Employed as a M/T driver i have done the GS course for 4t Bedfords, 4t DAF's, DROPS, Rovers and the 3/4ton and 1 3/4ton trailers.

My manager has told me that hes put me forward to Instruct on the GS training for the recruits, (General Driving and the Offroading on salisbury plain) Ive already done the GS course with the military to gain my FMT600.
Im booked in a BIT / DIT course, Its about a month to 6 weeks away, Just wondering where it is going to be at. Ive heard Leconfield.

I dont know If i should say where im based and the Civialian companys name on here

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