Civilian Casualties in Iraq down by 50% in September

I see that Oxford Analytica are reporting that civilian deaths in Iraq (and, as importantly, US military deaths) were way down last month. Is this a sign that the surge is working, or that the locals are getting slightly tired of the carnage?
More importantly, is this the right time for Brown to pull out British troops from Iraq, just when it appears to be going in our favour?
Another possibility is that the remaining Iraqis are getting better at security. Not gathering in obvious locations, ghettoising to avoid running into potentially unfriendly types, etc.

Bald facts can be interpreted many ways, so we need more info for a conclusion: has the ethnic/religious/tribal/whatever makeup of the major centres changed; is commercial activity down; has recruitment for Government posts esp. police and army changed?

Hopefully it is good news, though what happens when the surge is over is anyones guess.
It certainly appears to be quieter. The news was dominated by almost daily reports of car bombs and casualties in double figures not to long ago, but there appears to be less of it happening at the moment. At the end of the day that has to be a good thing for all involved.

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