Civilian Careers After A Short Term Commission



Around 5 years ago I failed Mainboard after a seemingly strong Briefing display. My report stating I was too reserved (nerves) and lacked the leadership qualities they were looking for. I totally agreed with this assessment and I had placed way too much pressure on my self (I felt like I had everything to lose if I didn't pass). Since then I have lived, worked and taught abroad and had a successful career in the city and I feel I'm a much more developed person than I was when I was 22, hence the second attempt.

Although I am looking forward to the second attempt and have more of the mindset of "I have nothing to lose and everything to gain". It has struck me that I will be quite "old" at 28 if I pass and start Sandhurst at my aimed take in date.

I was wondering if after 5 or so years once I have had my fun, given it my all and decide to resign my commission what careers are open to someone coming out of the Army in their early 30s?

I don't particularly enjoy broking although the money is nice so wouldn't particularly want to return.

I'm interested to see how Officers found it returning to Civilian employment, what careers they went for, and whether returning to civilian employment in their 30s to start a new career was bit of a problem. Although it wouldn't affect my decision to still go to Sandhurst and lead soldiers, it is something I feel I should consider and think about.
I would imagine that given your current employment experience a five year stint as an officer would enhance your employability. You will gain management, leadership and personal skills which will stand you in good stead.

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