Civilian armed response to terrorist incidents?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A.N.Other, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Has it not got to a new level of ridiculous that after members of the public and lone officers take on lunatics armed with knives, the Comissioner of the met can immediately say widespread arming of the police is not the way to go, and a PCC appears to suggest immediate arming by the public (who already hold firearms licecnes) is the way forward.

    Devon and Cornwall PCC to meet police chief over 'armed civilians' idea

    I get that the bosses will crawl over broken glass to hold the unarmed line. Devon and Cornwall had plans to have a third of the force TASER trained, and that was the end of the world apparently.

    Devon and Cornwall Police plan to double Taser officers - BBC News

    But frankly, the leadership are starting to look silly now.

    On the other hand, admitting they they can't cope would be politically problematic.
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  2. Well that shows poor training on their part.
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  3. That's the place to have a mass casualty terrorist situation. Somewhere like St Ives on a sunny bank holiday weekend, minimal surveillance, clogged small roads and very little in the way of armed response. Lack of medical support with the main hospital being at Truro miles away again along clogged main and country roads (contrived RTC on the A30) would bring chaos. Terrorists chance to slip away in the confusion.

    Big cities, lots of response and medical care, far harder target and dead terrorists.
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  4. Can't cope may mean admitting politically correct inspired lack of will to deal with the situation or incompetence.
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  5. Disadvantage is that if a hospital his attacked, the backlash would be a bloodbath.
  6. This was the case that I put to someone who asked me about shooting at someone in the process of committing a hideous crime outside of my home.

    I mentioned that even if the situation looked like I could stop the threat and save their intended target(s) I would be very reluctant to shoot. I might take other actions as I feel that would likely mean less trouble for me after the event than shooting would even if no-one but the bad guy got hurt. I feel inevitably that would lead to trouble for me sometime down the line. Anyway I don't possess anything that would likely be useful in such circumstances.

    As things are in our society I would think that even firing a warning shot would likely lead to an interview without coffee.

    This whole idea of pressed civvie shooters is a no go isn't it? I guess that even the original proposer having slept on it has likely cooled down on the idea.
  7. Every weekday morning I go for a swim and eat an apple or orange, false teeth a-go-go I have always had a good quality paring knife in my courier bag.
    I put it back in the kitchen yesterday.
  8. When staying with my youngest brother in London I always make sure that when exercising the dogs in his local park I carry a couple of tennis balls and a rounders bat, context (As Ever) is everything.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    You say that as if the entirety of Switzerland wasn't tooled up with Sig rifles and 600 rounds of mayhem...
  10. Mr Happy

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    Linky please
  11. Their actions so far and their thinking regarding such would suggest they could not care less. A bit of anti Muslim mayhem would suit their aims, proving us infidels are all against Muslims and deserve all we get. A vicious circle.
  12. But, they would receive such a backlash the pc police could not contain it.
  13. This is all getting a bit "Let's bomb the mosque".

  14. That would play into their hands bit like 9/11 was a massive goal for bin ladens mob war in afghan and iraq and syria that went on for years and its impact will be dealt with for generations to come :).

    They want someone to go england prevails the true belivers will face martyrdom with a smiles everyone else will be forced to their side or killed and infidels covers anyone whose not a signed up besrd so its all good :(
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